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4 Fashion Pieces That Stay in Style Through the Years

If you love fashion, it’s because you think it makes you look good while expressing yourself. In other words, it’s an extension of your mood, your personality, and the way you choose to show up in the world. You also attract people more like you into your life because you’re constantly sending out subtle signals about who you are as a person without saying a word.

When you think about fashion and style, usually the first thing that comes to mind is how often it changes. It seems that changes in fashion occur from one season to another, from one year to the next, and even from one decade to another. However, you can cut costs while still staying fashionable by adding a few evergreen pieces to your wardrobe.

Some things that tend to stay in style through the years are Western wear cowboy boots, bespoke suits, jeans, and any minimalistic type of attire.

1. The rugged charm of cowboy boots: If you’ve fallen in love with your brown cowboy boots, perhaps a Quickdraw with its intricately etched design, it’s classic style, and its rugged toughness, then you don’t have to worry about a change in fashion trends making this favorite look outdated. Western-style riding boots appeal to people of different tastes and lifestyles. It’s a curious blend of folk art and pop culture and functional wear. Presidents and famous actors and ordinary folks have worn them for so long that cowboy boots now have a somewhat universal appeal that crosses cultural, generational, and socioeconomic divides.

2. The quiet elegance of bespoke suits: When Bobby Fisher during his short reign as world chess champion aspired to become one of the most elegantly dressed men in the world, he chose bespoke suits as a way to express a quiet elegance to the media. While the intricacy of explaining the logic of chess logic was lost on television audiences watching him on The Dick Cavett show back in the summer of 1971, his bespoke blue suit spoke volumes about his mastery of the game.

When wearing a perfectly fitted suit, it does indeed seem that the world is your oyster. However, not all suits can be considered perennially fashionable. A bespoke suit will remain fashionable while one from a branded store can quickly look out-of-style because a tailored suit is designed to fit your unique proportions. In addition, it’s perennial because you can choose your own fabric, your own style, and customize it based on a wide range of choices. By comparison, an off-the-rack suit will not be unique in any way; as a result, it is subject to the vagaries of fashion trends.

3. The casual elegance of jeans: Many people are shocked to learn that jeans are not actually a modern invention. They were invented in 1873 by Jacob Davis and Levi Strauss and derived their name from a cotton corduroy called “jeane” that was made in the Italian city of Genoa.  While there have been a few attempts to time stamp jeans—for instance, bell-bottom jeans and skinny jeans—there is not much you can do with denim. In the end, fashion trends tend to revert to the true straight leg and loose fit of original jean styles. Jeans have worked so well for so many people for so long under so many conditions that any changes to cut or color are merely variations on a well-loved theme.

4. The aesthetics of minimalism: The minimalistic movement in fashion is often attributed to Pierre Cardin, as well as another famous French designer, André Courrèges, back in the 1960s. However, the idea of streamlined and monochromatic clothing has developed sustained interest. As human beings, we are naturally drawn to simple shapes and singular colors, and quickly weary of too much ornamentation. Although the era of huge shoulder pads and tie-dyed colors, for example, appear to have faded away, a simple, monochromatic shirt, blouse, or dress will still fit in really well with any other attire. The trick is to match something plain and comfortable with a fashionable piece of clothing.

When trying to keep up with fashion trends, remember that you don’t always have to select the most popular merchandise that the stores are selling. You can also blend in old favorites from your wardrobe.

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