Lamborghini or Ferrari? The best of the Italian Luxury Sports Cars

Italy is known for being a beautiful country with so many wonderful attractions, both of the past and of the present. It is one country where ingenious minds have been borne – artists, scientists, poets, historians, engineers, and many others. It is here that we have seen the birth of the Renaissance and luxury sports cars. If you plan to visit Italy on your next vacation and want to experience the thrill of driving a typical lItalian luxury sports car with the engine purring at every turn, you can rent a Ferrari car online for the duration of your holiday to visit the country.

ferrari 458 spider 1024x701 - Lamborghini or Ferrari? The best of the Italian Luxury Sports Cars
Image by Toby Parsons from Pixabay

Two of the world’s most popular fast cars are from the country, namely, Ferrari and Lamborghini. Rich people from around the world are amazed by the engineering feat put in the making of the cars under these brands. Automobile Ferruccio Lamborghini S.p.A. was established in 1963 to compete with other known marques such as the ever-popular Ferrari. The company started its rise to fame with the introduction of the Miura sports coupè that was characterized by rear mid-engine, rear wheel drive. Due to Ownership changed a number of times and it is presently owned by the Volkswagen Group and placed under control of the group’s Audi division.

With new production and model lines introduced under the brand’s portfolio, Lamborghini once again became productive. Nowadays, we are stunned by the sleek and state-of-the-art designs of Lamborghini cars such as the Huracan and Aventador. These cars are all about luxury and speed.


Lamborghini  1024x390 - Lamborghini or Ferrari? The best of the Italian Luxury Sports Cars
Image by Toby Parsons from Pixabay

Another world-famous Italian fast car name is the Ferrari. Who doesn’t know this? Founded in 1929 by Enzo Ferrari as Scuderia Ferrari, this Italian luxury sports car is now based in Maranello. It is now recognized as the world’s most powerful brand according to Brand Finance, with majority of its shares owned by Fiat. It has been one of the most visible and active participant in racing such as in Formula One, becoming the most successful racing team with the most constructors championships and the highest number of winning drivers in history. Without doubt, it has established its mark as a symbol of wealth, luxury and speed.

Today’s models include super-cars that combine exceptional styling elements and powerful engines such as the Ferrari F12 TRS and the Ferarri P4/5. Concept cars have also been produced such as the Ferrari Mythos and the Ferrari Millechili. Because of Ferrari’s accomplishments on the racing track and in design and styling elements, it continues to hold the position as the most important and best known luxury sports car brand in the world.