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With Limited Land In London Many Homes Choose a Loft Conversion To Increase Space

With Limited Land In London Many Homes Choose Loft Conversions To Increase Space
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If you’re looking to create more space in your home in London, a loft conversion could be the perfect solution. 

Throughout the pandemic, statistics showed that not only were a high percentage of people looking to move house, but lots of people were in a better position to buy because of the earnings to house price ratio changing over this time. 

Lots of people, though, want to stay put, and the pandemic only served to highlight that remaining in the same place, for some people, is the best idea. 

For many homeowners, instead of paying to move, an extension or loft conversion is a fantastic way to boost the functionality and value of their current place. A decision between an extension or adding a loft conversion can sometimes be tricky, but in London, the latter is usually the clear winner. 

Why do Londoners choose to extend upwards instead of outwards? 

Well, if you are considering making changes to your house in London, this is the article for you. We’ve explored the various benefits of a loft conversion in the Capital so that you can learn more about this popular home improvement and why it’s the first choice for many London homeowners looking for more space: 

Why Are Londoners Choosing Loft Conversions? 

There are many different benefits to a loft conversion that, especially for Londoners, far outweigh different home improvements, like extensions. Here are just a few reasons Londoners are choosing loft conversions: 

A Lack Of Outdoor Space

One in eight British homes don’t have a garden, and in London, a massive 21% are likely to be living without any outdoor space. This is a hurdle for the traditional extension, but not for a loft conversion, which is why they are a natural choice for Londoners hoping to add more space to their home.

Of course, even if you do have outdoor space in London, it is precious, so for many homeowners, a loft extension is still a better choice for extending because they understandably want to keep their little slice of nature as it is. 

A Boost Of Indoor Space

One of the primary benefits of any loft conversion is increased usable space in the home. It is ingenious because it utilizes existing space rather than having to increase the house footprint outwards.

Loft spaces are often wasted, destined for storing dusty Christmas decorations and camping gear – why can’t they become stunning loft bedrooms, quiet home offices, or playrooms? 

Yes, the storage is handy, but Marie Kondo has us well-educated and able in that respect. There’s no need to waste an entire area with so much potential for storage and organization alone. Instead, the loft can become a beautiful, liveable area flooded with natural light, overflowing with character and bursting with potential for different uses. 

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Photo by Brett Jordan on Unsplash

A Way To Stay In A Home You Love

Love it or List it on Channel 4 is a great example of how many of us move home not because we don’t love where we live, but because it isn’t functional anymore. 

Maybe the family is much bigger than it was when you first moved in. Perhaps you work from home now, and the cold garage just isn’t cutting it as a business base. 

One major benefit of loft conversion is enabling homeowners who love their place to stay there. There is no need to say goodbye to all the lovely neighbors, the great distance from the school, or the wonderful views. Instead, you simply extend the place you love the most and make it functional for your needs once again. 

A Way To Avoid The Cost & Time Of Moving House

Moving house can be really expensive with the agency fees, stamp duty, moving vehicles, and the cost of time off work to complete the move. Of course, adding a loft conversion costs a lot of money too. But that money is an investment into the value of your current home and your lifestyle, whereas the costs of moving only get you into a new place and could be considered sunk costs. 

Lower Levels of Stress 

60% of people are put off moving because change is so stressful. That is, without even considering the stress of managing a move – all the paperwork, childcare, pet care, packing – it’s enough to make anybody reconsider. 

The great news is that loft conversions are much less stressful. Yes, they require some level of disruption and project management. However, with the right loft conversion company, this disruption and management (on your part) are minimal. 

A great loft conversion company will oversee the whole process, communicating with you every step of the way while ensuring that they take care of the majority of the work, management, and correspondence.

Extensions Are Expensive

Loft conversions and extensions can cost a lot of money. However, loft conversions are converting dead space into liveable space. 

However, with extensions, there is a lot of work to do to even lay the foundations for that new space. Drainage, footings, planning permission – that’s all part and parcel of an extension before bricklaying has begun. 

You don’t have the same costs and disruption with a loft conversion, some of which don’t need any planning permission. 

High-Level Views & Light

One of the great advantages of loft conversion is that it is often high enough to avoid tree and shrub shadows that may obstruct natural light flowing in lower-level rooms. 

Natural light has many health benefits, making any area of the home look beautiful. Loft conversions, even those simply skylights, allow that high-level natural light to flow into this beautiful new liveable area of the home. 

brett jordan IP3Uex M6IU unsplash - With Limited Land In London Many Homes Choose a Loft Conversion To Increase Space
Photo by Brett Jordan on Unsplash

As if that wasn’t enough, the high level of the conversion offers a chance of some great views out into the local area that isn’t visible from lower levels of the home. This brings an entirely new feel to your home, as you may be able to see landmarks, natural spaces, or aspects of the local area that were not visible to you before. 

Will You Extend Upwards To Boost Your London Home? 

It is no surprise London homeowners are choosing loft extensions to increase the space, with so many benefits associated with this kind of home improvement. 

The most important thing to do if you choose to opt for such a great change to your London home is to select a loft conversion company that is transparent, friendly, experienced, and able to provide phenomenal results. With the right team behind your build, you’ve every chance of gaining all the benefits above and more for your exciting new South London loft conversion

Featured Photo by Thomas Willmott on Unsplash

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