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Wine and Sprit Review Episode 11 (Courage & Conviction American Single Malt)

Topic: Courage & Conviction American Single Malt

We all know about bourbon coming from the Kentucky area, but there is a newcomer at the table. In the Blue Ridge Mountains in Virginia, we found a great American Single Malt whisky in Courage & Conviction made by Virginia Distillery Company. This Father’s Day, you should get your father something new to try. Virginia Distillery Company began in 2015, and they are already making a name for themselves.

  • Bourbon casks: These barrels formerly held Kentucky bourbon from well-known distilleries. Aging in American oak bourbon casks add notes of vanilla, caramel, butterscotch, oak, smoke and cinnamon.
  • Sherry casks:  The distillery uses Sherry cask types, including Fino, Oloroso and Pedro Ximenez. These casks give the whisky notes of tart cherry, golden raisin, fig, caramelized plum, brown sugar and spice.
  • Cuvée casks:  This innovative barrel is sourced from premium European red wine producers. After the wine is removed, the cask is broken down, the interior shaved, re-toasted and re-charred, and then put back together again. The re-toasting and re-charring of the cask energizes the wood sugars and brings forward barrel spice, bright red fruit and toasted pecan.

Aging for three years in sherry, Cuvee, and bourbon barrels make this a very smooth whisky that any whisky lover will enjoy. Their three new flavors will make every bourbon. Bourbon cask with notes of vanilla, caramel, oak, and smoke. Sherry cask with tart cherries, golden raisins, and fig and a great sweetness for beginner bourbon drinkers. Cuvee cask breaks down old red wine barrels and re-toast adding big red fruits a hit of toasted pecans. I can’t wait to sit down this Father’s Day and have a Courage & Conviction glass.
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