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Wine and Sprit Review Episode 10 (805 Cerveza)

805 Cervesa

Topic: 805 Cerveza by Firestone Walker Brewing Company

With all the new craves out there. What happened to just sitting back a nice cold beer? When I was in southern California, my nephew introduced me to great beer. I was so excited to come back to Florida and be able to enjoy the same feeling. Just close your eyes, picture yourself sitting on the beach in southern California, Florida, and many other states. The smell of sunblock and salt in the air. The sun is shining and feels warm on your skin but there is something missing. A nice cold 805 Cerveza in our handle. You put the beer up to your mouth, you can already smell the deliciousness of the beer. With only 110 calories and 5 ingredients, there will always be room in my cooler bag. 805 Cerveza is the perfect light beer brewed with lime. I am not a huge lime fan, but this is the perfect hint of lime in every sip. This the perfect beer to relax at the beach, poolside, or a cool night around the fire. If you only have a few minutes out of your busy day to relax, 805 is a great tasting beer to enjoy with any meal.

805 Cerveza might be from California but you can be anywhere to enjoy this great beer.

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