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Home Decor | What Your Home Says About You

What Your Home Says About You

The history of the bachelor pad can be traced back to 1941 when George Jean Nathan released a collection of essays called The Bachelor Life. According to Slate, the bachelor pad has evolved from being a fantastical place for the single man to drape his tiger skins to a sophisticated dwelling with a unique spin on home life. Your own home, whether a bachelor or not, may not be as fantastical as Nathan’s essays, but it does reveal a lot about your personality. So what does yours say about you? From your home decor to your outdoor space, here’s what your house says about your lifestyle and how you can maximize your best qualities.

Paint and Accent Colors

The colors in your home can reveal a lot about your personality, and even more about your intimacy habits. Reader’s Digest reports that bedrooms with purple and red indicate you have nearly double the intimacy of people with gray bedding, walls and furniture. But chances are you want your room to be masculine while evoking a sense of intimacy. Try pairing your gray walls or bedding with a red pillow and coordinating accents to create the look you’re going for.  Additionally you use large sofa throws to help coordinate the rooms wall color to your furniture.

A fantastic and appealing bedroom is more than just colors. When it comes to your bed, choose a quality mattress designed for rest and longevity, whether memory foam or hybrid mattresses. Top with plush bedding and complement with window treatments that let in natural light to start your day.

Home Decor

How you decorate your home gives clues to the people and things that are important to you. Focus on displaying the side of yourself that you want others to appreciate, like your family and friends, your love of the outdoors and/or keepsakes from trips you’ve taken.


The type of gadgets you use in your home can convey your sense of adventure, love for cooking, gaming, etc. Choose gadgets that make your life easier while making a statement about who you are. For starters, use the EIF6 Cube to display your smartphone films and videos at your next get-together. The PlayStation VR is perfect for gamers who love a virtual reality twist to play with friends.


The tidiness of a house can be a window into the emotions of its occupant. The idea is an unorganized or chaotic house can reveal your unorganized and possibly unhappy emotions. Get serious about your mental outlook and organize your home with a good decluttering and regular cleaning. Opening the windows and using organic cleaners with essential oils like lemon and lavender can also freshen up your home and give it new life.

Outdoor Living

Just like the interior of your house, the exterior says a lot about your personality. Overgrown shrubs and a dirt pile that’s been sitting there for months exposes your lazy approach to curb appeal. A perfectly manicured lawn, on the other hand, reveals you’re the highly organized, borderline-perfectionist type.

No matter where you fall in the spectrum, creating an outdoor oasis in your backyard brings your love of the great outdoors to you. If you’re the entertaining type, consider setting up a Tiki bar and outdoor kitchen for your friends and family to enjoy. A few hammocks, a game of bocci ball and a basketball hoop give your guests something fun to do while the steaks are grilling nearby. An outdoor entertainment unit completes your outdoor space and turns it into an extension of your home. For smaller spaces and budgets, consider livening up your patio or yard with lanterns filled with pebbles from a favorite lake or potted plants to bring a little bit of nature right outside your backdoor. These are all great ideas to help your Home Decor display your personality.

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