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Wedding Gifts – Who Should the Wedding Couple Buy For?

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Most people will attend a wedding and bring along a gift for the couple – gift registries are a popular way to make the whole process easier and more streamlined.  But the couple themselves should also remember that there are traditions around who they should buy gifts for in their wedding party.  Here we look at who the couple needs to buy for and some ideas about what to buy.

What tradition states

Originally, the tradition was for the couple to buy a gift for one another to show their love but with the emphasis on the exchanging of rings, this tradition has faded away somewhat.  However, there are plenty of traditions around buying gifts for the main people involved in the wedding.

It is expected that the bride’s father and mother should receive a gift from the couple, especially when they have paid for the wedding.  Likewise, if the groom’s parents have helped either financially or organisationally, then they too will normally receive a thank you gift.  The maid of honor or chief bridesmaid usually receives a special keepsake and any other bridesmaids will also receive a gift, as will the best man.

Modern times have seen this list expand a little as couples seek to thank the main people who have worked to make the wedding a success.  So, this might include ushers or groomsmen and any young flower girls or page boys.

Choosing gifts

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Generally, choosing gifts for the women in the wedding can be the easier job.  One lovely idea is to give bridesmaids a jewelry gift that they can wear on the day but that is also wearable afterward.  Keepsake style gifts are also popular – such as engraved picture frames to put a picture of the wedding into afterward.

You can use a website such as Uncommon Goods to source unusual and unique presents for the wedding party.  The company offers a range of handmade, recycled and organic products that allow you to buy presents with meaning and that are more socially and environmentally responsible.  The company offer a specific range of groomsmen gifts that make finding something for the best man, ushers or others in the wedding much easier.

The site contains a great blend of traditional gifts for men that have a unique or unusual twist such as the personalized whiskey barrel or the city map glass.  There are also gifts that appeal to people who are into certain food or drinks such as a Gourmet Oil Dipping Spice Kit or the Six Pack Cooler Tote.  These are ideal for the groomsman who loves something modern and unusual rather than the classic keepsake gifts.

Featured Photo by Natasha Fernandez from Pexels

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