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Top 5 Things to Do with an Air Compressor

Mention air compressors and most people will immediately start talking about blowing up their tires or reflating their bike wheels.  And sure, these pieces of equipment are excellent for both jobs.  But there is also a surprisingly large range of things you can do with them that makes investing in one a good move – simply add the right fittings to get the job done and away you go.

Power washing

There are lots of power washing tool available and some of them are mighty impressive.  But they are a little limited in what they can do – they wash things and clean things and that’s about it.  But by taking an air compressor with a spray fitting, such as the handheld version offered by SGS Engineering you can be power washing your drive today and then using it for something completely different tomorrow.


So tomorrow comes and you realize you want to spray paint the garden fence.  No problem, as the small compressors often come with a range of fittings to allow you to do jobs just like this.  Transforming it into a paint spray gun means you can quickly and efficiently paint any area.

Air cleaning

Sometimes you want to clean an item but you don’t want to use water – that’s where compressed air can be ideal.  Same idea as power washing just without the water, an air compressor fires air onto the item in question, removing dirt and grime without a drop of water being involved.

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Nail gun

Using an air compressor as a nail or staple gun saves buying another piece of equipment and has the added power that comes from compressed air.  Nail and staple guns can be dangerous in any form so always use with the greatest care but using a compressor for the job means you can work at a high speed with pinpoint accuracy.

Tire inflating

It would be rude to talk about air compressors and not mention their ability to inflate tires of all shapes and sizes.  They are great for things like airbeds too, though be watchful of your settings to avoid the airbed becoming a small, plastic explosion!


Air compressors are highly versatile pieces of equipment that come in a wide range of sizes from handheld up to large scale industrial versions.  They do take a little learning, understanding the gauges and what settings work for what job.  But once you master it, you will continue to find many more uses for one around your home.

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