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7 Tips on How to Effectively Pack for your Trip

What does it feel like to be able to travel all over the world? To cities far and wide, to a world without borders, to a world of your imagination. For a man to be on the go, a man needs to live life in top gear, a man needs to know how to pack more with in less. Now we know how that’s a skill that women are born with but with little practice and some magic tricks up your sleeve you’ll master the art of packing yourself!

Here are top 7 tips on how to effectively pack for your trip:

1. Pack more than just your simplest bare necessities:
To some men packing as little as possible is the real challenge, but please know that there is real trouble waiting for you just around the corner if you have missed out on packing a few pairs extra. Just toss in that one extra tooth brush, pair of jeans, socks and a few t-shirts ‘cause you just never know when it might rain, or you spill something all over you!

2. Mix and match:

You heard me, it is important for you to be able to turn your three t-shirts into more than three looks, so grab on that sweater which is fit for both a meeting and a day on the beach. Don’t forget to pack those shoes which you can wear to the bar and even to a wedding!

Best stuff to pack is the multi-functional kind – Do not forget that.

3. Roll crease prone clothing:

Do not forget to roll your ties, t-shirts and dress shirts. This way not only will it be faster, more organized but also will save you a lot of trouble of having to arrange for an iron to press your clothing.

4. Use all the space you can:

For instance shove three pair of socks into your shoes, this way there will be no waste space in your suit case. Use jeans pockets and other flat compartments for stocking up on some basic medicine and do not forget to take some energy bars with you just in case. You’ll be in dire need of one those on days when you find nothing to eat late night, remember dependent on where you’re headed cultures and tastes will greatly vary!

5. Kick back and relax:
Boarding the local transport on the very first day of your trip can both be risky and plain stupid, hire a cab. A cab will cost some few bucks extra but it will help ensure that you get some help from a local and reach your destination in peace. It great idea to compare car hire in such situation. I personally use holidayautos.uk in the UK, Europe, USA & Worldwide for best deals.

6. Unpack carefully:
Only bring out stuff that you need to use and put back anything that is not currently in use. Use a smaller bag pack to carry bare everyday essentials around without having to go through our suitcase every time you are in need of something.

7. Split your cash into two ways:

Cynical as it may sound it is important to do so, by doing this you ensure that you always some extra cash on you in case you forget the other wad back at the hotel or get pick pocketed. Invest in some cash bags from Versapak to keep your holiday money organised and kept safe

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