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How Technology Has Changed Professional Driver Services

In a short space of time, we have become well adapted to technology playing a large role in our everyday lives.  The development of the smartphone and the tablet are the best examples with other developments such as smart heating systems and on-board technology in cars.  Therefore, it is no surprise that technology has changed the world of professional driver services and one of the best example of this is a company called Blacklane.

Embracing technology

Already, the taxi industry has been changed by the introduction of technology with the ability for customers to use their smartphones to request a cab and have one arrive in no time, without even giving so much as an address.  This use of geo-location technology makes obsolete the old problem of a car getting lost or an incorrect address.

The world of professional driver services has also taken these developments and made it their own.  Blacklane offer a high quality service that connects passengers with licensed and qualified drivers with rides scheduled at least an hour in advance but potentially as much as months before the time.

The service is about more than a classy taxi – the software takes information such as your flight times and details and where you are staying.  That means that if your flight is late, the service will adjust accordingly.  And there’s no need to remember where you are staying when you arrive in the middle of the night – the driver will already have this information.

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How the system works

The app is available across the web as well as on both iOS and Android so all major systems are compatible with it.  When making a booking, there is the option for an ‘hourly’ or ‘one way’.  This allows passengers to choose a single trip from one place to another or to hire the car for a period of time, perhaps if they are going to a series of locations or need a wait and return service.

Next, the app will record information such as the pickup and drop off point.  They can even select the vehicle class required including for a van, SUV or First Class service.  Information is also given such as if extra luggage space is needed, child seats, capacity for small pets and any other requirements.  Finally, the flight number is provided for flight tracking.

Contact information is included as well as payment details and the app uses a secure server to ensure that the details are protected.  There is even an option to include a voucher code if the client as received one.

Why Blacklane?

One of the obvious reasons for using Blacklane for a trip is detailed above – their easy to use yet comprehensive app means customers provide information to allow the driver to give the best service.  Also, the system operates across 50 countries around the world so it is easy to book a series of services around your journey all from a single application.  Finally, the drivers using the system can keep costs down and make for luxury driving services that are available to a much greater number of people than ever before.

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