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Step Away from Electronics: Entertaining the Kids without Digital Devices

Our society is extraordinarily digital. We constantly have our smartphones in our pockets, hands, or sitting on the desk close to us. We prefer to express ourselves through social media typing our messages on a touchscreen keyboard, and our entertainment stems from games consoles, apps or online streaming. Nowadays, children pick up their phones and go on Instagram or Tweet, instead of riding their bikes or meeting up at the local pool. Technology is incredible, and it’s amazing how innovative gadgets and inventions have improved our society. However, sometimes our children need a break; especially when they’re at a very young age.

It’s time for you to become nostalgic, and entertain the kids through activities you as a child used to do. Bring them back into the real world and show them that there’s still a life outside of the virtual one sitting in their hands. Here’s how to get your kids to take a step away from electronics, and entertain your children through your nostalgia and without the help of Netflix or Facebook.

Teach them how to cook

Cooking can seem like a chore once you’re older, however, when you’re young, what happens in the kitchen can seem intriguing and fun. To start with, explain the risks of a kitchen; point out the oven and hobs, and teach them to use a knife safely. Make sure to supervise them. You never know, you might even better your own cooking skills.

You can either ask them what they’d like to cook, or you can tempt them with some of your favorite childhood recipes. Sweet treats will also most likely go down better than trying to teach them something savoury and serious. Consider making cookies, chocolate truffles or homemade marshmallows. Keep recipes simple, and if they enjoy themselves, mention that they can try to cook or bake something more difficult next time.

Arts and Crafts

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Your children may mention how their latest iPad allows them to draw and design their own creations, however, explain to them that arts and crafts is much more engaging, and works great as a group activity. Stock up on craft paper, glue and decorations, and print off some tutorials on how to create origami animals. Alternatively, create a competition of who can fold and decorate the best paper airplane. Take your children’s creations and fly them. Whoever’s flies the furthest wins a prize.

Take them Outside

There’s plenty of time to sit inside – from sitting in a classroom Monday to Friday, to slouching on the sofa while binge watching your latest TV fix. Suggest an outside activity, or an exploration of somewhere different. You could play baseball at your local park, or go further afield and explore a local attraction you’ve never considered because it’s on your doorstep, and, therefore, not thought of as “exotic.” Other activities could be visiting museums, beaches or even just going out to a café and treating your children to a hot (or cold) drink and a slice of cake.

Technology is amazing, it’s part of who we are today. However, everyone needs a break from their electronic screens. Whether you’re an adult or child, make sure you step away from your laptop or TV every now and then, and experience some fresh air. Netflix and the latest episode of Game of Thrones isn’t going anywhere; you can catch up after your walk at a local park or origami contest.

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