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Stay Safe With Construction Barricades

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Stay Safe With Construction Barricades

We’ve all seen those construction barricades as we drive past what seems to be endless construction zones or at our favorite sporting event where they use the barriers to control the flow of traffic. They can be quite versatile and used for a wide variety of different reasons. Most consumers do not realize how many different types of barricades there are. This particular type of device can literally be used almost anywhere, and it also can be customized. A construction barricade isn’t by any means plain, especially if you are in the market to find a specific type of barricade. If you’re responsible for purchasing barricades, read on to learn the different customization’s and configurations, you can procure. 

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Different Barricades

Airports use construction barricades to not only ensure traveler safety, but there are many different types of barriers that keep construction zones around the airplanes adequately marked. These barricades can keep all of the planes in certain areas, but all of the construction barricades/lights/flags need to meet the FFA requirements.

Have you been to a large convention or an event that has many different areas mapped off? Most people have at least been to a fair or a carnival where there are designated areas for various events. These barriers are essential to crowd control! These particular types of barriers can have several different colors that make things easier for both consumers to recognize which zone they are in quickly.

The perfect example: a children’s fair with ages ranging from toddler to teenagers. A great way to help parents navigate the festival is by having a brochure highlighting different crowd control barriers by colors. Toddlers will be able to play with their parents in the areas with purple crowd control barriers, whereas teenagers will know that the blue crowd control barriers are there designated areas. It is a way easier method to help both parents and children find where they need to go. It also helps anyone involved in the event to assist anyone that is looking for a specific location.

The next place you can expect to see barricades is going to be a long a street, especially in large cities that may be having some construction zone. You can expect to see bright orange or red construction barricades in a wide variety of different sizes. Plastic traffic barricades have become extremely popular because these barricades are great for traffic safety, and they also are highly visible for drivers. If you catch yourself driving down a street with several barricades guiding you into a different lane, then you know you are in a construction zone. Slow down and respect the workers and ensure that both they and the drivers stay safe.

Security barricades are also another type of barricade that can be found protecting a line of security. When it comes to security barricades, they are designed to be massive. When security barricades are fully functioning, one can weigh over 2800 pounds. These are the main reasons why these types of barricades are used. The 31 inch security barricade is popular for high threat situations. These barricades can be set up quickly and provide a tremendous amount of support for the military and any other type of law enforcement that utilizes a heavy-duty barricade.

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Uses for Barricades

If you are in the market for doing some activity or if you are going to create a race track for go-carts for a children’s birthday, then it is highly recommended that race track barriers are used. The best news a consumer will here is that safety is a number one priority when it comes to making sure that any type of temporary barricade is used. One of the best low-profile barricades is going to be the 24-inch barricade. This type of temporary barricade can link together that will create not only a track, but it is a great way to decrease injuries while preventing accidents. This can help with any vehicle damage to go-carts. These barricades are also able to withstand all elements and heavy usage. Children can also crawl all over these barricades without getting injured because they are only 24 inches off the ground. Parents should still supervise the area that no matter what. Even though these barricades may seem small – with water added, you can expect to have a 24-inch barricade way as much as 375 pounds with only 30 gallons of water. This type of barricade is an excellent investment.  

Schools will also appreciate temporary barricades. One of the best ways to control students and large crowds at sporting events is by having barricades. Homecoming and all of the major sporting events can get hectic. These significant events can have multiple booths, several different displays, and multiply live sports games going on at the same time. Not only is it confusing, but it can become time consuming trying to locate a specific area. Having customized barricades will help with navigation, but if there is a particular race that everyone wants to view – the color-coded barricades will help everyone find the right location. 

Whether it is construction barricades or another type of barricade, these devices are crucial. You can utilize barricades in many different ways to achieve your crowd control objectives. Even something as small as a children’s birthday party can benefit from a specific type of barricade. Or, if you are thinking about getting into the construction industry or you are planning on hosting a huge event – barricades are going to be a must. Safety is a number one priority, but barricades also prevent confusion and chaos. A simple brochure or a pamphlet with a list of activities and a map can simplify any major event by using barricades. 

Before you purchase any construction barricade, always be sure that you are buying the right type. If you have never purchased a construction barricade or any barricade, you want to be sure that you are fully knowledgeable about the product. Speaking with an expert is recommended because you will be able to find out if you are getting the right weight or the right product. You do not want to have a parking barricade at a construction site. Always be certain that you get the right barricade for the right project.

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