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Romantic Breaks This Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and we can pretty sure we hear you scrambling for a last-minute gift for your other half from here. But don’t worry if the gift or dinner reservation has slipped your mind: because this gives you the perfect opportunity to really show your partner how much you love them by booking a special getaway to one of the world’s most romantic destinations. What could be better than exploring a new city with your loved one on the year’s most romantic day? It beats the usual chocolates and flowers, that’s for sure!

The City of Love

Head back to the city of love and discover just why Paris has romance flowing through its veins. You’ll take a walk along with the city’s stunning Left Bank, eat some of the world’s finest foods over a glass of wine and candlelight, and spend leisurely mornings strolling the city with a croissant and coffee in hand. The options for romantic days out here are endless, and if that doesn’t convince you, we’ll just say: we’re pretty sure no one has ever been disappointed when they’re whisked away to the French capital.

Alerta, Canada

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Canada isn’t just for hockey lovers. With amazing Rocky Mountain tours, it’s perfect for hiking getaway after your long hike, slow down, and enjoy a local spirit. When in Calgary, Look out for Alberta Premium. This rye Whisky is one of my favorite local spirits, with hints of vanilla custard, green apple, and the perfect rye spice. With this perfect balance, it will have you ordering a second one. After you open your mind with a few drinks, step over and have a Creepy Calgary ghost tour to finish off your day.

The Big Apple

New York isn’t famous for being romantic in the same way that Paris is, but that’s only because it has so much else going on. This also means you pick the type of romantic experience you want. A wine tasting cruise along the Hudson River? Magic. A winter’s stroll through Central Park? Classic. A late-night jazz club with drinks and a stroll back to your romantic hotel? Jeez Louise, we’re falling in love all the way from here.

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History and Culture

Prague might just be Europe’s most underrated city. Not only is it beautiful, not only does it have a bag of history, not only is there plenty and plenty of things to do, but it’s also cheap! That means you might also be able to splash out for those chocolates and flowers. Take a walk through the Old Square, across the Charles Bridge, and find a cozy corner restaurant to share a bottle of wine in.

London Calling

Have you ever seen Notting Hill or Love Actually? Then you’ll know London isn’t all pubs and Royal Family, it’s also super, super romantic. With some of the world’s best restaurants and wine bars here, you’ll be hopping from black cab to black cab as you take a whirlwind tour of this deeply charming city. Our personal recommendation? Gordon’s Wine Bar.

The Sunshine State

Sure, city life is romantic – but in February? Also kind of cold. Take your other half where they really want to go, right to the beach. Florida is bang in season at the moment, so you’ll have miles and miles and miles of beautiful beaches as the weather alternates between ‘perfect’ and ‘absolutely’ perfect. Nothing can quite compete with a rising sun and cocktails on the sun lounger. For a Valentine’s Day trip that is fun as well as romantic, it has to be Florida.

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