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The 6 Best Personalized Wooden Presents

The 6 Best Personalized Wooden Presents
Photo by Inesa Cebanu on Unsplash

Have you ever received a present and saw the same item in every major retail store in town? Mass production has made the practice of giving things less personal. All a person has to do is look at the top seller list for gifts and pick a random item.

If you want to give a truly unique gift, wooden presents are one of the best options.

Wood is easy to personalize, and when it’s non-composite wood, you can be confident that no two items are exactly alike. The grain of the wood may be slightly different to offer a present that no one else owns.

There are a lot of personalized wooden presents to choose from, including:

6 Personalized Wood Presents Everyone Will Love

1. Personalized Wood Handle Pocketknife

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Photo by IGOR FIGUEREDO on Unsplash

Does the person you’re gifting to like knives? One of the most useful items a person can have in their back pocket is a pocketknife. These knives are small and compact so that he or she can carry them wherever they go:

  • Camping
  • Hiking
  • Walking the dog

Wooden handles are a common choice because the wood provides additional weight to the knife while also adding to the knife’s balance. You can take the gift a step further by having the handle of the blade engraved with the person’s name or their favorite saying.

2. Personalized Pen

Pens are an excellent, thoughtful gift because they’re also very functional. You can confidently give any business professional a pen, and they’ll enjoy the present. No matter how busy life gets, the person will have a use for the gift and will be reminded of you every time they pick it up.

Wooden pens are often made of hardwood with close grains that make the pen look even more professional.

Depending on where you’re purchasing the pen from, you may be able to add the person’s name or the name of their business to the pen. The exact text length will depend on the manufacturer.

3. Personalized Guitar Pick

A guitar pick is one of those gifts that you need to think about before purchasing. If the person doesn’t play the guitar, this gift may sit and collect dust in their dresser. However, with that said, if the person does play the guitar or a pick would hold some sentimental value to the person, this is a must-have gift.

These picks are often:

  • Sanded to perfection
  • Oiled

Most sellers also include a small box for the guitar pick that can be engraved, too. You can even engrave the pick. Many people choose to use a person’s name when engraving due to the small size of the guitar pick.

4. Personalized Beverage Cooler

If you’re envisioning a plastic cooler for your food, you’ll be pleasantly surprised that these coolers are for drinks. You can place beer, wine – anything you want – in the cooler, which is more like a wooden box.

The cooler’s interior is lined with a non-wooden material that’s insulating and won’t suffer water damage from the ice.

Add the person’s name to the front of the wooden beverage cooler to further personalize this gift item.

5. Personalized Mini Wood Speaker

Is the receiver someone with a passion for music? Wooden speakers are a fancy addition to any home or office, and they offer all of the latest technology for crystal clear audio. Wooden speakers often come with:

  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Multiple wood options
  •  Built-in rechargeable batteries
  •  Long run times

A mini wooden speaker, especially one that is portable, is a gift that most people will appreciate receiving.

6. Personalized Docking Station

One of the hottest presents this year is a wooden docking station. Not sure what a docking station is? It’s a wooden station that is small enough to fit on a desk or night table. It has room to store all of your most essential items:

  • Cell phone
  • Money
  • Keys
  • Tablet
  • Flash drives
  • Papers
  • Notes
  • Etc.

If the person receiving the gift often misplaces items or seems to have them strewn all over their room or office, a docking station is a quick, easy and thoughtful solution. You can have the wood engraved with their name or a sentimental saying.

When you’re struggling to find the perfect gift for a co-worker, friend, or loved one, consider one of the many personalized wooden gifts outlined above.

Featured Photo by Inesa Cebanu on Unsplash  

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