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Relax Before Stress Kills You

Stress is a common beast in modern societies. Whether it is caused by a difficult situation at the workplace, by financial issues, or by a complicated relationship, there is no denying that stress can have a negative impact on your health. Your sleep patterns are disturbed, if not completely inexistent; you might even experience an embarrassing moment of erectile dysfunction; you are pushed to drink more to release the pressure, etc. Stress is harmful, and that’s why a lot of people are actively working to reduce their stress level with a healthy lifestyle. But you probably have not heard of the more serious health issues caused by stress, from hair loss to premature death. Here are the true reasons why you need to relax now.

Stress Triggers Hair Loss

As surprising as it seems, high levels of stress, such as with a demanding job, can trigger sudden hair loss. This is not the most common of causes for hair loss, but it is an important one as stress can gradually change the sturdiness of hair follicles and can also attack your hormones, causing them to morph and damage your hair further. There are many treatments for this, included changing job, but when it comes to your hair health remember that finasteride tablets are used for hair loss.

Stress Causes Heart Disease

People who are often stressed out have a higher blood pressure than others. This can also increase their heart rate and the overall blood flow, making them more likely to suffer from a heart attack or a stroke. Stress also increasesj the release of cholesterol into the bloodstream, which can be directly linked to heart diseases.

Stress Makes Asthma Worse

While stress doesn’t cause asthma attacks, it can worsen the effects of an attack dramatically. This is especially true for young children, who respond more violently to stress. However there have been cases of adults with asthma who have seen their condition worsened by stress.

Stress Causes Obesity

An excess of fat in the belly area puts your health at a higher risk than fat storage on other parts of the body. Unfortunately, as stress increases the level of cortisol in the bloodstream, this causes for the fat to be stored more easily in the abdomen. In short, stress can facilitate obesity.

Stress Creates Headaches

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People who are stressed out experience more headaches than others, especially tension headaches that are linked to high blood pressure. They are more likely to suffer from migraines too.

Relax to stop the headache

Stress Causes Depression And Anxiety

It is well known that chronic stress is tightly connected to a high rate of depression and anxiety. This is especially true in the workplace, where people in a high-stress environment are 80% more likely to develop severe cases of depression and anxiety than individuals in less stressful positions. To sum up, you should think twice before accepting a high responsibility role in your career as this might make you genuinely miserable.

Stress Facilitates Alzheimer’s Disease

While stress doesn’t generate Alzheimer’s disease, people who are in a stressful environment are more likely to develop weaknesses in the brain area. These weak spots will help the brain lesions that are related to Alzheimer’s disease to form. So it’s no wonder that most people who suffer from Alzheimer’s disease today used to be very active and dynamic people in the past: Indeed, stressful jobs can truly make you lose your mind in old age.

Gastrointestinal Problems Are More Common For Stressed People

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First of all, it’s important to point out that stress doesn’t cause ulcers to appear. However the good news is of short duration: Stress doesn’t cause ulcers, but it can worsen them considerably. Stress can cause other gastrointestinal problems, though, such as heartburn or gastric reflux for example, and the painful irritable bowel syndrome.

Stress Can Accelerates The Aging Process

You’ve probably heard before that stress can make people look older. There is no vanity in this, as this is a theory that has been proven by scientists. Stress can impact on your chromosomes and speed up the aging process directly from your DNA. In average, people who suffer from chronic stress will have chromosomes that show accelerated aging by 9 to 17 additional years. In the light of this, the choice to dye your hair gray appears maybe as one of the unhealthiest trends at the moment.

Stress Can Lead To Premature Death

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Older adults who are under a lot of stress have a 63% higher rate of death than adults of the same age with no stress. Naturally, in this comparison, both groups are healthy, so that it is indeed stress that kills.

Don’t let stress kill

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