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Planning A Wedding: What The Guy Needs To Be In Charge Of

If you are getting married soon, your fiance is probably busy with all the planning. When it comes to weddings, it’s very common for the future bride to try and organize everything. After all, it’s her big day, and all eyes will be on her. In fact, most of the time, the future groom feels very much like a spare part with no part to play in the planning! However, there are some things that you should take control of. Here are the decisions that you need a say in.


Not a wearer of jewelry? Don’t worry; not many men are until their wedding day. In fact, their wedding ring might be the first piece of jewelry they will have ever worn. So it is important that is in a style that you like and will want to wear. Don’t just let your fiance pick the rings; this needs to be a joint decision so that you are both happy with your new jewelry. Harlin Jones wedding rings make custom-made rings, in case you are looking for rings that will help you stand out of the crowd.


These days, many couples like to write their own vows. This is especially the case if they aren’t particularly religious. You should agree on a format and style with your fiance, but then what you put in your own vows are up to you. Most couples prefer to write their vows without their partner’s influence. So make sure your fiance doesn’t try and influence what you write! You need to include how she makes you feel and include some promises. But don’t be swayed by what she thinks you should write. For this to work, it needs to come from your heart.

Your Speech

2 - Planning A Wedding: What The Guy Needs To Be In Charge Of


It is a tradition for the groom to make a speech at the wedding reception. The best man and father of the bride will also make speeches as well. The speech should be light-hearted and with the odd joke. The main purpose of the groom’s speech is to thank all the guests for coming and to thank your bride and let her know how much you love her. Just like when writing the vows, don’t let your bride try and influence your speech! Write it when she is out so that she has no idea of the things you will say.


If you let your bride decide on the alcohol served at the reception and the evening party, you might just end up with wine and Prosecco! So be sure to request some drinks that the guys will appreciate. Craft beers and whiskeys are sure to go down well. I’m sure all the other men will thank you for not letting it turn into a stereotypical wedding bar. Champagne and fizz are fine to start with, but no doubt the guys will want more manly drinks later on!

If you take control of these four aspects of the wedding, you won’t have anything to worry about. And you’ll be able to enjoy the day fully!

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