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Be The Very Model Of A Modern Business Gentleman

Style is important in the modern business world. In fact, some people would go as far to say that it is crucial. Appearance matters and the way that you look affects how you’ll perform on the market. That’s true whether you’re an employee or an employer. There’s no difference when it comes to style. You have to look the part. Why is this so important?

In business, you will always be selling a product or service. It doesn’t matter what industry you work in or what job you’re performing. You are always trying to win over your next big client and get them away from the competition. To do that, you have to show that your business, or the one you work for, has what they need. What they need is a business that looks professional and looks like it can offer the best product on the market. Note that we said looks, not does. It’s entirely possible to win over your next big client with looks alone. If your business looks professional and successful, you are already halfway there.

You play a big part in that perception. New clients look at you when they consider whether they want the services of your company. They think about whether you, specifically, have what they need. This is why style is important, and you need to make the right first impression with yours.

Buy A Fitted Suit

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In business, you need to look like the boss, even if you’re not. Forget what other people are wearing. You need to look professional, and you’ll be surprised how well this works out for you. It may even get you recognition when the chance for a promotion comes along. Perception matters more than most people realise. Whether it’s the perception of your employer or your client, it makes no difference.

When you purchase a suit make sure it is perfectly designed. You want a bespoke suit so that no one can argue the quality of the make. You don’t want to look like you bought it on sale in a superstore. That’s not the right impression. It should be tailored to fit your body and it’s not a bad idea to consult a stylist. At the very least, you want a modern design. Suits do fall out of style, and you should be purchasing a new one once every few years.

Be Well Groomed

Facial hair, long hair, short hair, the truth is it doesn’t matter. If it looks neat, tidy and professional, you can have whatever style you want. However, it can’t look cheap. It needs to look like time and money went into perfecting that style. As such, you should consult a stylist and spend a few hundred getting your hair right. Have a look online to see the latest in men’s styles. The hairstyle is another thing that falls in and out of fashion, and you need to keep up. This is more important when you are rising up the ladder. Once you reach the top, you can look however you want. People are still going to buy because you will have proved yourself.

Choose Stunning Accessories

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Have a look at one of the most popular gift lists for men. We’re sure there will be a set of cufflinks on there somewhere and with good reason. Cufflinks are, in essence, the juiciest cherry on top of the cake. Without them, even the best suit can look a little dull. The tie is important too. You need to select a tie that compliments the suit while standing out. If you pick the right store, you’ll be able to get all your accessories when you get the suit.

Drive The Right Car

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As you continue to climb the ladder, you’re going to be earning a bigger income. At this point, it will be time to pull out the big guns. How you act matters and what purchases you make affect who you are. Or at least, who people think you are. If you pull up outside the office in a car worth one hundred grand, you’ve already won the client.  How can they refuse? You will have proven that you are a success at what you do. That will be enough for most people to know they want to hire you. The right car can be, the perfect handshake. It sends a strong, clear message; you have the confidence to get them what they need.

Are you ready to be the best businessman you can be? Take this advice on board and you’ll rise to the top without ever looking back.

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