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Men’s 2018 Spring Fashion Guide


Spring is just around the corner! If you haven’t started planning your wardrobe for the season, you really need to get shopping!

Want to make sure that you are stylish and en vogue this spring but don’t know what items to include in your wardrobe? No problem! Here’s a look at some of the hottest pieces for spring 2018. Include them in your lineup and you’ll definitely be on the cutting-edge of style.

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A hoodie is an absolute must for your spring attire. It lends a casual look for those outdoor festivals and concerts. It also provides the extra bit of warmth you may need when a chill blows through the air. There are a lot of hoodies out there, but if you want to be on the up-and-up in style, you’re going to want to get the Trailhead Bamboo-Merino Hoodie from Shower Pass.

Shower Pass’ Trailhead hoddie is a one-of-a-kind 50/50 Bamboo Merion Tech Fabric, this hoodie is the ultimate in softness, comfort, and warmth. Thanks to the bamboo, this piece of outerwear has moisture-wicking property; perfect for those workouts or a day when the temperature keeps flip-flopping. The merino wool is super soft and warm. You’ll feel like you are wrapped in a luxurious, cozy blanket when you wear this incredible piece from Shower Pass.

The Kangaroo pocket (with hidden zippers) in the front and the zippered back pocket will keep all your essentials close at hand. It also offers 50+ UPF sun protection!


Track pants are back in and not just for the gym, you will be seeing them all over town. The Vince Men’s track pants, especially the white pair, are very nice and have a much more casual look than the old Nike or Addidas that we are used to seeing and likely wearing ourselves.

The slim design and casual look make these the perfect pair to rock at the gym, at your buddies BBQ, or even for a casual shopping trip with your woman.


The Bensly Lyocell Tencel Fiber T-Shirt. Made of yarn that is derived from the sustainable fibers of the South African eucalyptus tree, this T-shirt is so soft you’ll feel as if you are wearing silk, yet so durable that you won’t have to worry about misshapen necklines or hems. It also is a master at wicking moisture and is so unbelievably soft that you’ll have a hard time taking it off!Bensly T Shirt 1024x540 - Men's 2018 Spring Fashion Guide

Mizzen+Main Shirts. Offering a large selection of casual shirts in a wide range of colors, prints, styles, and sizes, you’ll be sure to find something incredible with Mizzen and Main. Their shirts are made of the highest quality fabrics and are expertly constructed. Their super soft, breathable, and designed to withstand frequent wear, so they look good no matter how often you sport them.


Though the general public may not see your underwear, that doesn’t mean that it shouldn’t look good (in fact, that’s all the more reason that it should look good!) And it goes without saying that you want your underwear to be as comfortable as possible. For 2018, here are some of the best picks for underwear:

  • Kenneth Cole Reaction Boxer Briefs. Kenneth Cole is famed for his incredible sense of style, his unwavering design, and his durability. All of those things apply to his boxer briefs. Soft, perfectly sized, comfortable, supportive, and available in a large range of colors and patterns, you’ll have confidence wearing Kenneth Cole Reaction Boxer Briefs.
  • Lacoste Boxers. Another highly regarded name in fashion, Lacoste is famed for their casual, yet sophisticated designs. Their boxers are made of the highest quality fabrics and are exceptionally constructed.Lacoste boxer shorts - Men's 2018 Spring Fashion Guide
  • Lacoste pajama pants. Whether you’re lounging around the house or hitting the sack, you’ll do so in-style in Lacoste pajama pants. They come in so many different styles, are made of superior materials, and are oh-so comfortable. You might have a hard time taking them off!Lacoste grey 300x300 - Men's 2018 Spring Fashion Guide
  • Penguin by Munsingwear Pajama Set. You’ll look utterly adorable and feel beyond comfortable when you wear the Penguin by Munsingwear Pajama Set. It’s soft, breathable, durable, and the design is just super cute.Original Penguin Steak and Eggs Flannel pant - Men's 2018 Spring Fashion Guide
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