Moving into a new home is great. It is incredibly exciting and the stressful ordeal of home shopping has finally concluded. However, the house you just bought doesn’t likely feel like a home just yet. As a result, many people will remodel or renovate certain parts of a home soon after moving in.

While many will remodel to make the home feel more personalized or make changes that they want, others will renovate their home in hopes of increasing it’s value. There are several different renovations you can complete that should increase the value of your home.

Whichever reason a person has for renovating or remodeling their home, renovations can come with a huge cost. As a result, you want to make sure you do things right. Unfortunately, while some people can get their renovations right, others simply do not and end up doing something they regret almost immediately.

To ensure you get it right, this article is going to look at a couple different insanely intelligent remodeling ideas for your new home.

Install Energy Efficient Windows and Appliances

One of the first remodels you should consider comes down to energy efficiency. You need to look long and hard at both your windows and your appliances. For windows, you want to ensure they are not drafty, have no leaks and are efficient. For appliances, you want to ensure they use little water or power/gas.

If they’re not as efficient as they could be, consider upgrading. Not only will this help to save the planet, but it can also save you some money in the process. For example, energy efficient windows will reduce your need for heating and cooling due to a reduced draft, which will bring your utility costs down. These will pay for themselves very quickly, while also looking great and contributing to a higher value.

Consider Using Multi-Purpose Furniture

One of the biggest struggles many people have with their new home is the amount of space it has. While we all wish we could buy a home with enough space for everything we need, space is often expensive. So if you had to get a little space than you were comfortable with, consider using some multi-purpose furniture. This could include ottomans, under the bed storage, a storage bench and a variety of others.

In addition to furniture, try to think of other ways that you can improve storage such as adding more cabinets or shelves or using unused wall space. If you are struggling with space, you could also consider downsizing and selling or donating some of your things that you may not need anymore.

Add Pull-Out Drawers Under the Sink

There is nothing worse than needing something and it not being where it should. This can often be the issue when washing dishes or cleaning the counters. Trying to find the right sponge, cloth, soap, detergent or cleaning spray can be quite annoying. Instead of going all around the house looking for it, consider adding some pull-out drawers right under the sink for easy access.

Not only will these keep everything you need within arms reach while you’re at the sink, it will also keep you from having to kneel down and reach into a cupboard. By having these drawers bull out, you won’t need to root around through a sea of cleaning supplies in a cabinet to find what you are looking for.

Give the Yard Some Love

While most of these remodeling jobs have focused on inside the home, you cannot forget the outside. Remodeling your backyard is a great idea, and there are so many different things you can do. You can add a nice new vinyl fence, can add a high quality privacy deck, can add some landscaping fixtures throughout or do hundreds of other things.

In addition to looking good and being functional, improving the outdoors space of your home can lead to a huge increase in its value. People are looking for usable and good looking outdoor space when buying a new home, so this is never a bad idea if you can afford it. Also, there is no need to do your entire yard at once. Start with something simple and then move on from there when you’re ready.

Include a Pop-up Electrical Outlet or Two

We use all different types of technology in our homes now more than ever. Everything from our phones, to virtual assistants and nearly every appliance will need power to operate or charge. Unfortunately, many homes simply don’t have enough outlets for how many things require them in our modern lives.

Sure, you can use extension cords, but who wants those constantly being strung around their home? And simply adding more to a wall or on the counter can look a little busy and isn’t always for everyone. Thankfully. There is a solution. Consider adding a pop-up outlet. These outlets will require a built-in compartment on your counters to house the outlets when not in use. These will provide a lot of function without taking up a lot of space, and when you don’t need the extra outlets for anything, can tuck right back into hiding.

Use the Space Under Your Stairs

If a house is more than a single level, there will be stairs involved. There are of course dozens of different kinds of stairs, but many have a ton of unused space under them. Instead of simply leaving that be or tossing a few random items in the space, why not remodel it into something more useful?

This will not only fill the space aesthetically, but can also add a whole lot of functionality to your home. You could add some shelves in there for extra storage, make a fun little area for your children to play or could even add a wall desk and chair for a little makeshift office. Even something as simple as adding a few plants can add a whole new look to the home. The opportunities are endless and there is no boundary to what you can create.

Bring Your Bathroom Up to Speed

If your new home is relatively old, there is a good chance the bathroom is stuck in the past, unless it was previously remodeled by the previous owners. We have all seen some truly awful bathrooms, which is why they are among the most popular rooms to renovate. We could truly write an entire article about all of the different things you could do to bring your bathroom into the 21st century. Generally, you only need to change a few small things to make it look brand new.

While entire bathroom remodels are common, even simply changing the tile, changing the shower curtain, painting the room or changing the vanity can get great results. Most new constructions have a bathroom that looks modern, but who knows how high quality it actually is. Bathrooms can collect a ton of moisture and go through a lot of regular use, so be sure the bathroom of your home not only looks great, but can also stand up to the wear and tear that years of use can cause.

We hope that this blog post has been able to help you come up with some great home remodeling ideas. Whether you just want to add some personality to your home, or up it’s value, these remodeling ideas can help.

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