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The Independence Of Owning A Business

You Want Income, Not Expenses

Owning property isn’t always easy, but Forbes magazine agrees: it’s better to have a means of income that doesn’t generally generate expenses. While property ownership naturally incurs some expenses, through renting property you own, you stand to save more. There seem to be a lot of “what-ifs” contained in this concept, but follow through on a possible ten to fifteen year plan, and you’ll see how possible it is for you to operate with true independence fostering a business you love without fear of it imploding on itself.

A Finance Plan

If you don’t own property, all you need is a regular forty-hour-a-week job and some chutzpah. Get a friend or family member to cosign on a loan for property; this will reduce the interest of a mortgage. If you’re young, say late teens, early twenties, this plan is ideal. If you’re older, you may have more options. In any event: say you’re able to find a five-room house out in the boonies for $120,000. You get a friend or family member to cosign on a loan for $60k, and mortgage the other half. Then you charge $700 rent to four gentlemen who fit the bill, and you pay the same amount yourself. Now the property is paying $3500 a month. In just one year, you’ve paid $42,000 of that $60k mortgage off; or a third of the cost of the property as a whole. By five years, you should be able to pay off the loan and the property, including interest.

Now you’ve got the credit to finance your next property without a cosigner. So you sell the first property. If you were smart, you may even have increased its value; but let’s just assume it remains constant. You sell the first property at $120,000, which you put into a property worth $240,000; following the exact same strategy. Only this property is larger, so you can do the same thing in half the time by either increasing your tenants, or their monthly rent. Let’s assume it takes the same amount of time. Now you can sell the second property and walk off with a cool $240,000 in your pocket. With half of that, you buy a house for yourself, and continue to rent rooms for the next five years. If you’ve got four tenants paying $700 a month, then you’ve got $2800 a month for the next five years, or $168,000 before expenses. By fifteen years, you could have accrued as much as $288,000 which you can then invest directly in a business. Or, after the second house is sold, you can put half of the sale into your business, and still have income from your roommates every month. This means even if the business fails, you’ve still got money, property, and freedom.

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Freedom Only Requires Vision

Now how’s that for a fifteen year plan, as opposed to climbing some nasty corporate ladder for the rest of your natural life? If you start at twenty-one, by your early-to-mid-thirties you could be financially independent, debt-free, and own both property and business. All it takes is a little chutzpah and elbow grease.


If you do manage to successfully finance your own business through property, getting your new venture off the ground will naturally require solid Public Relations, or PR, like that offered by Mosaico PR. A new business needs community awareness to properly succeed. While this can be costly, proper marketing yields exceptional expansion, which in the end means it pays for itself. That said; being self-made as per the outlined strategy? Great PR.

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