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How to Store Hunting Gear Properly?

How to Store Hunting Gear Properly?
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When the hunting season is approaching, you may be on cloud nine and doing your best to get yourself back in shape. However, when it’s off-season it’s indispensable to take care of your entire hunting gear and store it properly as you don’t want to deal with any issues at the very last minute. From hunting scopes for .300 Win Mag rifles to archery or firearm equipment, you should store them the right way, as these items are not cheap, and the replacement cost might be a lot.

Therefore, this article will provide you with tips on storing your hunting equipment properly, so you can take off for the next hunting season in the best way possible while preventing you from wasting your time, effort, and money. Keep reading!

Storing Hunting Clothes

All your hunting gear, such as clothes, face mask, jacket, t-shirt, pants, gloves, and socks, along with footwear, should be properly stored to ensure you are ready to use them conveniently for the next hunting season.

It’s ideal to wash your clothing with a scent-free detergent if you don’t want to make your hunting session a failure. In case you find these detergents expensive, you can wash your clothing using baking soda as well. Remember to wash your hunting clothes inside out to avoid the colors from fading.

It’s important to keep in mind that you should never store your hunting clothes along with your other clothes, as they will pick the scent and will alert the animals easily. Therefore, you should invest in scent-free storage bags that protect the clothes from getting any sensitive scent from the outside.

If you’re afraid that moisture may build up in your clothes over time and may cause mold, you can add a moisture-absorber in it to keep them in pristine condition.  

Storing Hunting Equipment  

For your firearms, it’s important to keep their maintenance top-notch to ensure exceptional performance and when it’s time to store them, you should unload them and look for any potential issues that they may have now. Otherwise, when it will be hunting season next year, most of your time will be wasted getting repairs done.

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In regards to your electronics like rangefinders, camera gear, or trail cameras, it’s essential to turn them off properly before storing them. We also strongly recommend removing all batteries from your devices, as you don’t want to drain the batteries way too soon or end up with leaked batteries that can damage your device.

Along with this equipment, you should take care of your other essential gears like archery accessories, optics, scopes, and even your tents for hunting and keep them in a climate-controlled room to help them avoid getting rusted or to prevent the growth of molds.

They can also impact your performance during the hunting sessions, therefore, you should store all your hunting equipment in a separate room or cabinet. Storing them in a garage or any other outdoor area won’t be ideal as it will increase the chances of mold as well and may pick up the strong, pungent scent of paints and other tools. 

Featured Photo by Andrea Cairone on Unsplash

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