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How to Dress for the First Date – A Man’s Fashion Guide

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After you’ve managed to impress a girl with your smart talk or your dance moves, you need to prepare for the first date. What you do and what you say is going to matter a lot, as well as how you look. Your appearance must be perfect for that first date. You need to know what to wear regardless where you may go. Here is a guide on how to dress to impress on the first date.

A fancy restaurant dinner

When you plan a first date at an elegant dinner you need to adapt your clothes to the situation. The best bet for this moment is an elegant suit, which shows respect for your date and for the restaurant. You can opt for a double breasted jacket, which can also hide the effects of a delicious meal, while making you look sharp. Pair it with a white shirt and you are ready to go. Wearing a tie or a bow is mandatory. Pay extra attention to your shoes, which are the first thing people notice on you. Always wear dark colored socks and match the color of the shoes with the color of your suit.

After work dinner

When you decide to meet your girlfriend after work you can dress more casual-smart. After all, you were at the office in the last hours, so no one expects you to look like you’ve just come out of your closet. However, you need to look date-appropriate, so when you choose your clothes in the morning make sure they can be adapted to a date. A classic suit is always a good pick, because it is versatile enough to fit both the office and a restaurant or bar.

Outdoor date

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If you plan to spend your first date in the outdoors, you need to dress casually, without going overboard. Most of the times, an outdoor date consists of a walk in the park or a picnic. This asks for jeans and a shirt. Never wear Sweat shorts or other type of gym-wear to a date, no matter how comfortable you need to be. Add a pair of comfy shoes, for example loafers or sneakers.

A relaxed brunch

Most dates take place in the weekends, on a relaxed brunch. These dating scenarios ask for a relaxed, smart-casual outfit. You can match a shirt and a pair of jeans with a leather jacket or opt for fabric pants and a t-shirt. Either way, make sure you look fresh and well-groomed, even if it’s weekend. You can wear leather shoes or a pair of loafers, but if you are wearing jeans you can also wear sneakers.

Regardless where the date takes place, you need to wear high quality wrist watch, sunglasses and shoes. These three items can make or break your entire look. If you don’t have a high quality watch, just don’t wear any. The same goes for sunglasses. As for the shoes, aim for high quality shoes and pair them with dark-colored socks.

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