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How Healthy People Can Improve Their Memory and Ability to Learn

We all strive to achieve the optimal amount of health and happiness. But there’s more to attaining a healthy life than exercising regularly and keeping your body in shape. You also have to keep your mind healthy so that you can think clearly, soundly, and make wise choices.

Just like you exercise your body, there are also ways to give your mind a workout to help improve your memory and your ability to learn. Here are a few ways that you can keep in a mental peak condition.

Take Mental Pictures

This can actually be a fun little activity whenever you come across something you think you’ll want to remember. Just take an extra second to take a mental note of something important, even if you’re just trying to remember where your car is parked or where you put your keys. You may be pleasantly surprised at how it helps.

Keep Your Mind Stimulated

If you allow your mind to shut down, it’s going to stop functioning at an optimal level. Even in your spare time, it’s important to read a book to help your mind stay engaged in something or play games that force you to think and solve problems. These kinds of activities are just simple things that can help keep your mind sharp.

Eat More Dairy

Studies show that people who consume milk and other dairy products on a regular basis performed better on memory tests than those who ate less diary. This doesn’t mean you have to gorge yourself on milk and cheese. Just keep in mind that making dairy products a regular part of your diet can help improve your memory and learning abilities.

Sleep More

Getting a good night’s sleep is imperative to keeping your memory sharp. Studies show that recent memories are stored for long-term retention while you sleep. This means if you need to remember something important (like studying for a test), go over it before you go to sleep and then get a full night of sleep; it will improve your ability to remember it.

The Right Diet

Studies have shown that diets containing little red meat can help to improve your memory and reduce your risk of diseases like dementia. Other studies indicate that eating too much or consuming too many calories can lead to memory and cognitive problems. So be cognizant of your diet and try to exhibit portion control if you want to improve your memory.

Take Supplements

In addition to a good diet, think about incorporating supplements into your routine. While these are not guaranteed to work on everybody, many studies have shown that supplements like ginkgo and Alpha-GPC can give your brain a boost and help to improve your memory.

Cut Out Drinking and Smoking

This should be a given for a healthy lifestyle, but it’s also important for your memory. Studies show that people who don’t smoke are far more efficient at remembering a list of items than smokers given the same task. Moreover, smoking certain illegal substances can cause permanent damage to your memory and learning centers.

With regards to alcohol, some research suggests that a half glass of red wine every day can help your memory and cognitive skills. But in general, alcohol can be disruptive to your REM sleep, which, as mentioned, is a vital part of retaining memories.

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