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The Gentleman’s Guide To Sleep Hygiene

A lot has been written about sleep hygiene, and we endeavor with this article to attack some of the often overlooked points on this very important subject. We want to take a special look at sleep hygiene and tackle some often ignored issues.

Get The Best Mattress:

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This is one area where often would-be gentlemen try to select the cheapest thing they can find in a 100 mile radius. This is such incorrect thinking, but unfortunately it’s all too common. But a serious gentleman will take this subject seriously, and go on a quest for his dream mattress. This means doing your research, as the perfect mattress for someone else may be a nightmare (!) for you personally. There is no one perfect mattress for everybody; people have different needs in this area.  Which bring us to the next salient point:

Know Your Body:




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Understand your own physiology. We like to think there are a lot of people who read us who are at the upper end of the intelligence spectrum. But high intelligence is often related to different circadian rhythms. One way to find out is to have your testosterone level taken at various points in a 24 hour period. Testosterone in statistically normal individuals peaks at 6-7am. If you find a peak occurring at a different time, you may have a non-standard circadian rhythm. This should not be looked upon as a “disorder” but rather a condition, and there is more than one way to deal with this. One way is simply to alter your schedule to suit your own circadian rhythms, if at all feasible.

Focus On Sleep as a Priority:

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We often get it backwards, prioritizing work above all else. In the long term, of course, this is unhealthy and counter-productive.

If instead we shift the focus to getting the best sleep possible, we will perform naturally so much better when we are active; it’s really a win/win situation when this happens.

Some things that are potentially great for you to aid in deep uninterrupted sleep are:

-Noise generators (here is a great one that can be found online, we love the rain sound it makes)

-Blackout curtains and/or heavy curtains.

-Proper sheets and pillows. Good options for sheets are 300+ count cotton or silk, depending on your internal thermostat and the nature of your skin. And if you are a side sleeper, get a pillow built for side sleepers. You’re welcome.

-Fans/humidifiers/dehumidifiers/ionizers, depending on the quality of the air in your sleeping space and your own nature and preferences. Here’s how to use a dehumidifier to dry a room.

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