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Where Can I Find Money Advice

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Where Can I Find Money Advice: Materials and Resources

There’s a lot of Money Advice out there about what you can or should do with your money, but how can you find reliable resources? Do you trust your mom’s rules about separating money into envelopes because that’s what worked for her? Or what about your childhood friend that swears they have a “sure thing” investment? 

There’s way too much expert advice out there to settle for anything less. In this post, we’ll cover several options for reliable people and sources you can learn from, and where to find them. 

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Retirement Plan Websites

If you have a retirement plan with your work, like a 401(k), you might have access to a financial website from your plan provider to help you make the most of your money. These websites are great places to get quality financial advice for free. 

Some companies are also starting to implement financial well-being programs on topics such as investing and budgeting. If you’re not sure if your company participates in any of these programs, speak to your HR representative to find out more. 


When it comes to books, you might need to do a small amount of research on who the author is and their history in finance. Make sure you find a professional that has experience in the area of your interest. You want to find someone who has proved themselves and is writing a book to share their wisdom, not someone who is writing a book to try to make their money in the first place. Regardless of whether you want to learn how to fund a new business or how to save for retirement, finance professionals like Ken Fisher, among many others, have written books to help you. 


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A growing trend with apps that focus on financial planning and budgeting is to provide resources to educate users on getting out of debt, investing, and managing money. Free and paid apps abound for both iOS and Android that can help give you an edge. 


If you’re not looking for one-on-one custom advice and want general information, podcasts are a great place to start. A few reliable podcasts include The Dave Ramsey Show and Money for the Rest of Us. These and other podcasts can give you reliable insights into getting out of debt and better manage your money. 

Financial Adviser

If you want someone to discuss your situation and give you personalized advice, a financial adviser is a great resource. Financial advisers aren’t just a way for you to manage your investments and get updates about securities; they can also help answer any questions you might have about your money. 

If you’re struggling to manage your money, don’t worry: You’re not alone. But the good news is that there are people who want to help. These are just some of the resources you can use to chart your financial journey—with professional advice; you can trust more than your co-worker’s uncle who “knows a thing or two about money.” 

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