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Wine and Sprit Review Episode 8 (Mezcal Pluma Negra)

Pluma Negra
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Topic: Mezcal Pluma Negra

Just like champagne, Tequila has its own regions as well. Mezcal is specific region in Mexico where great tequilas are made. Pluma Negra may mean black feather to some but no to all. Some may consider this tequila making a way of life. Pulling water from a deep well, cooking the agave in a earthen pit and slow stone mill by a donkey. Tequila making does not get better than this. With 4 different experiences this will make your month water. Pluma Negra has a taste for all your friends. From fresh making cocktails for just siting by the fire just sipping away on a cold night.


Espadín is the perfect sipping or in your favorite cocktail.  This is a light and fresh Mezcal in both a 40% and 48% ABV. You may notice hints of lime, pear, and apple, with a very subtle herbal note at the end.
The 40% Espadín is the perfect spirit for your cocktail: its citrus after taste goes great with any citrus fruit like sweet pineapple juice, zingy citrus fruits like tangerine, orange, and lime, or crisp and clean cucumber, helping to bring more of the flavor out. The 48% Espadín is an excellent sipping Mezcal.


The Tobala is 48% ABV and has a bolder flavor meant for sipping. Tobala has hints of chocolate and plum with subtle flavors of tobacco, nutmeg, and floral aromas. I notice a smoky aftertaste, which makes this sipping Mezcal perfect for pairing with strong tasting cheeses, lamb, and beef.


The Tepeztate comes in at 52% ABV and has a strong smoky flavor.  This Mezcal is for those connoisseurs who love the fresh herbs and newly cut grass notes. This Mezcal has a Warm palate with bright herbal notes. It has a long and distinctive finish that that many connoisseurs love.  Note: this is not the Mezcal for those who enjoy a more sweet spirit; this is for those who enjoy a bolder smoky flavor.

Mezcal Pluma Negra Cocktail Recipe

1.5oz of Pluma Negra of your choice

.5oz lime juice

.5oz simple syrup (you can do jalapeno simple syrup for some spice)

2oz of unsweetened pineapple juice.

You can add everything in a shaker and pour over fresh ice. Or make it quick and easy by pouring in your glass with a quick stir with ice and enjoy.

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Photo courtesy of https://www.mezcalplumanegra.com/

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