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Effective Ways Your Target Audience Can Watch Your Business Videos

Video is currently one of the most powerful ways to market, teach and share information about a business. However, a large number of business owners are slow to embrace video. In most cases this is a mistake and it’s not as difficult to do as it may seem. Below are some relatively easy and affordable ways your customers and shoppers can watch your business videos.

Through Your Website

First of all, your website is the perfect place to host your videos. You can embed them in posts, share them through email and much more. Adding a video to your website in this way makes it easier to explain what you have to offer and what the most important features of your business are.

These videos become even more powerful if you allow people to share them with other internet users. If this happens, you have the potential to reach huge numbers of people, without spending large sums of money which is often common with more traditional methods of advertising.

Social Media

Adding your videos to social media websites like Facebook takes your video marketing efforts to a new level. This is particularly true if you have a large social media following and associate yourself with influential social media users.

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Live Events

Not all video marketing has to be done over the internet. You can also show different types of videos live to people who attend workshops or presentations you hold. For instance, you can play business and marketing videos to people who are interested in your business on projectors from providers like ProjectorPoint. This approach has the potential to make live events much more entertaining and interactive, leading to more enquiries and sales of your products and services.

Online Memberships and Private Discussion Groups

Sometimes you may have valuable video content you don’t want to publish freely on the internet. If this is the case, you could package this content and include it in a private online membership website or private online discussion group. This can range from tips and advice, to training courses, to marketing videos and can only be accessed by members of your website.


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Email is often overlooked by many organisations but it’s still one of the most used and most powerful ways to communicate. Video files are easy to package and send by email. You can also send simple links that link to webpages or video sharing websites that contain the video you want your target audience to view.

Video Sharing Websites

Video sharing websites like YouTube offer businesses a unique opportunity to create and distribute countless numbers of business-related videos. Once they are published on these video sharing websites, people interested in what you have to offer can search for the type of video you publish. However, make sure you optimize your video descriptions so that your videos can be found by more people.

Online video has become one of the most popular ways to consume information. More businesses are realizing this. The methods above are some of the best ways to use business videos to their full potential.

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