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How to Find Cheap Storage Units

Whether you are downsizing or moving into a house that is not quite ready, you need some space to store your extra stuff. You might be thinking of your friend’s garage, but that is not going to cut it. That is the whole reason why self-storage companies exist-to solve your storage problems in situations like these. There are cheap storage units that allow you to store your stuff for a small fee on a monthly basis. These units vary in both size and shape depending on how much space you need. With self-storage units is an added security feature. You and only you have unrestricted access to your storage unit unless you delegate matters to do with access to someone you can trust. So what factors should you consider when shopping for a cheap storage unit?

Short-Term Self-storage

Just as the name suggests, short-term cheap self-storage units are rented on shorter time-frames and are charged on a monthly basis. When you rent on a short-term basis. When you rent on a short-term basis, you are required to provide your own lock for the unit in order to ensure that nobody has access to the storage unit with your authorization. One of the most significant advantages of short-term self-storage is that this option gives you unlimited access to your storage unit granted whether the companies allows for 24/7 access or only open during business hours.

Indoor Vs. Outdoor Self-storage Units

After deciding on how long you will need some self-storage space, you then get to determine which among indoor and outdoor self-storage units suit your needs. In this case, the term outdoor does not necessarily imply that your stuff will be lying outside unprotected. Outdoor self-storage units commonly appear in long rows of buildings built side-by-side. One of the advantages of an outdoor self-storage is that you can drive right next to your storage unit hence improved convenience. Also, outdoor self-storage units have ample space inside meaning that you can store more items and still leave some space unoccupied. However, the above perks come at a cost. Outdoor storage units are not climate controlled. This means that some of your items especially those made from leather can be destroyed during humid conditions.

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Storage in Transit

If you are moving and your new house is not ready, this is one option to consider. However, storage in transit cannot be considered a cheap self-storage option mainly because the mover will charge you more for the storage. If you settle for a professional moving company, inquire from them whether they offer storage-in-transit. This is whereby the mover packs your belongings and holds them in storage for you. Once your new home is ready, then the moving company should transport the goods to your new home.

Regardless of the reason why you want to move your stuff-could be you are moving or making space off extra clutter, there are cheap self-storage options that should be within your budget. In fact, the different options to choose from enables you to either prioritize the budget, space, security or convenience. Once you have selected your self-storage unit, create a plan on how best to store your items for extra space and easy retrieval. If you want to get the best deal regarding cost, always do a price comparison. Sample a few storage facilities near you and do a price comparison. Next, try to identify the reasons for the price difference. Some facilities could have better accessibility, amenities such as electricity and other additional features. The final decision should be based on your budget and what you expect in matters of storage space and any special conditions that could be required during storage.

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