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How school students can find a career path?

find a career path

The question related to the future occupation is especially popular for students. Nowadays they can use various sources and read about everything. The most popular topic for students is how to write coursework quickly.

Here are practical advice on how to correctly determine the professional orientation of a young specialist.

The young man must be placed in the empty room. In addition to the table and chair in the room, there should be no foreign objects. The candidate must be left for two hours without any additional instructions:

  • If on your return he or she took the table apart … Then he or she is a born engineer.
  • If he or she considers cigarette butts in an ashtray … Then he or she is a born financier.
  • If he or she talks to the chair … He or she is a born HR manager.
  • If he or she fell asleep … then it’s his or her fate to be a supply manager.
  • If he or she didn’t pay attention to how you entered … His or her place in the security department.
  • And if he or she left the office without waiting for you … To be he or she salesman.

We all want our work to make us happy! This is evidenced by all opinion polls. Considering the fact that we spend almost half of our lives in the workplace, it means that it is worth making an effort and finding such work, which in reality will give strength, energy, and which really will be liked.

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A career is more than just a job or a position that a person takes. Career is, as already mentioned, a large number of our life spent in the workplace; this is the path to success, a prominent position in society, in the professional field, as well as the achievement of such a position. When people talk about their lives, their careers, they often talk about where they work, how much they get, and what position they are in. But a career is not where, how much and how we earn our money. Career is what kind of person we become when we choose a business to which we devote our time or our whole life. How will it affect us? Who will we become going on the chosen path?

Why is a career so important to people?

No one will argue that a career in our life means a lot. Our self-esteem, mental state, depends on the success of self-realization at work. It also leads to material security, helps to realize talents (and we all know stories when a child of rich parents has no ear for music became a singer). Career carries out dreams, and personal aspirations contribute to the development of personal qualities. A career provides opportunities for an interesting and rich life.

Naturally, that we begin to think about it in early childhood. But then we choose what we just like. Years pass and childhood dreams give way to a mediocre choice of a profession that simply provides elementary survival.

But how to choose a profession that would bring pleasure, and not just ensure survival? What should you pay attention not to make a mistake?

Each person in his or her life must make several key decisions that determine the future, and the choice of profession is one of them.

Benjamin Todd on TedX Talks, the founder of an 80,000-hour charity organization that conducts research and provides career counseling on career issues, is very informative about your experience and how to find a job that you will love.

Todd says that following your passion is so-so advice, and in today’s realities it doesn’t work at all. Instead, you should pay attention to what you can offer to this world, how you can be useful. Benjamin Todd cites data from a Canadian study that says that for 90% of students who are passionate about art, sports, and music, only 3% of students there are jobs. That is why there is a high probability that you will not achieve success in your career, relying only on passion in one or another kind of activity.

For this, the following scheme is proposed:

  1. Determine what your greatest interest is.
  2. Find a career that matches your interest.
  3. Follow the career of your dream no matter what.


Benjamin Todd’s performance

How school students can find a career path: practical tips

In addition, that Benjamin told, we propose next practical steps need to be taken to understand exactly what you would like to do.

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  1. First, it should be said that it is the parents who are the main people who should help the child find him/herself in this world and maximize his/her abilities. But it often happens that many people choose a career path based on the advice of that same parent or the fact that they are good in a particular subject. For example, choosing the sphere of the economy, simply because a person is well versed in mathematics. The child wants to be an astronaut, and the mother makes him go to an economic university. In this case, it is very important to resist parental instructions and listen to yourself! If you choose a profession that suits you, do it your way. And don’t become obsessed with high wages when choosing a career. Yes, a high income improves the assessment of life, but not emotional well-being. Probably everyone has friends who were led to high salaries, but in the end, they were unhappy.

“Money doesn’t make you happy. I now have $ 50 million, but I had $ 48 million”. Arnold Schwarzenegger

  1. The future student is extremely important as early as possible meeting with the profession and as much as possible the real idea of a particular type of activity. When a person is confident in his or her choice when he or she knows that he or she is engaged in his or her business. Therefore, advice number 2 is to familiarize yourself with all the professions that interest you, initially, at least through the Internet. Find and learn as much information as possible. Moreover, today there are a huge number of sites with various videos, articles about professions, information about educational and training opportunities, employment trends and much more.
  2. Write out all professions of interest to you
    Write down everything. After you have written out all the acceptable variants, cross out the ones that for some reason you are not interested in, or it has not approached.
  1. Work with the psychologist
    If it is very difficult and there are no ideas that could interest you, ask for help from a psychologist. You must be aware of your type of personality (psycho-type). Because it often happens that a person decided to become a veterinarian because he or she loves animals. Nevertheless, the treatment of animals can force to act fairly rigidly, to which a person is not ready emotionally or physically.

Therefore, a psychologist can help with the choice of the most appropriate kind of activity, profession, based on the personality psycho-type, interests, motives, temperament, inclinations, needs, the availability of certain abilities and psychological resources. As soon as all this information about yourself begins to manifest itself, it is no longer difficult to decide on a professional choice and make a decision for it.

  1. If the wait for a psychologist is postponed for some reason, talk with relatives, ask them about their advantages, strengths, personal qualities, and natural abilities. All this is very important in choosing a profession because people inclined to this or that kind of activity will improve much faster than those who are less gifted by nature.
  2. Take the tests on career guidance
    Take tests to determine your future profession, which is now available online (for example https://www.careerfitter.com/free_test/careerbuilder; https://www.whatcareerisrightforme.com/career-aptitude-test.php ).You will need to answer questions about what you like to do and about your personal qualities. After processing the answers, you will be offered a list of professions that, according to the results of the test, are most suitable for you.

Also, try verbally to answer the following questions:

  • What is really interesting to you?
  • What do you do in life with enthusiasm and pleasure?
  • What activities inspire you?
  • In which business do you show and feel enthusiastic?
  • What would you do if you were spared the need to make money?
  1. Of course, what could be more useful than practice. You should have a certain experience in the field that you have chosen since this activity can bring pleasure in the initial stages, but over time you will probably realize that this is not exactly what you need. A good indicator is an internship, which will give more knowledge in the chosen field and will allow you to understand whether such work is suitable for you.

And do not despair if you do not hit the target the first time. According to statistics, throughout their working life, people change from five to seven professions (http://www.careers-advice-online.com/career-change-statistics.html). Therefore, there is no need to worry about making the wrong choice with which you must live forever. In the end, it is necessary to understand that when a person goes about his business, he is full of enthusiasm, strives to learn new things, creatively approaches the business – and becomes an excellent professional and just a happy person. And let it have to change more than one profession.

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