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2021 Kentucky Derby: Top Contenders, Road to Kentucky Derby

2021 Kentucky Derby: Top Contenders, Road to Kentucky Derby
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The Kentucky Derby 2021 is getting closer, with only three weeks left to the event on May 1st, and the whole world can’t wait to witness it. In the United States, the Kentucky Derby is known as “The Most Exciting Two Minutes in Sports.” At the Kentucky Derby, each of 20 Thoroughbred horses will start at a mile and a quarter, and it’s not even about the cash prize from the event. The best return on investment is from breeding the champions. Currently, the Road to the Kentucky Derby is going on, and we’ve got everything you want to know about the 2021 Kentucky Derby.

Road to the Kentucky Derby

The Road to the Kentucky Derby will have a series of races ― 20 for the Prep Season and 16 for the Championship Season. Horses with medication, Lasix will not receive any qualification points for 2021.

On May 1st, the 20 Thoroughbred horses will be going against each other for their mile and a quarter race. Currently, the horses are competing to be among the top 20 to start at the Kentucky Derby. With less than a month remaining to the event, six horses have already hit the 100 point mark in the Road to the Kentucky Derby Standings. ‘Essential Quality’ with odds of 4/1 is currently on the top with 140 points. On the second position, we have ‘Hot Rod Charlie’ with 110 points having odds of 12/1, followed by ‘Like the King’ with 104 points, and ‘Known Agenda’ with 102 points on 3rd and 4th. Finally, with 100 points, we have ‘Rock Your Word’ and ‘Bourbonic’ on the 5th and 6th with odds of 31/1 and 12/1, respectively. 

Currently standing on the top, Essential Quality is also the horse with the most amount earned, as he is also an undefeated thoroughbred racehorse. After ‘Greatest Honour’ had to withdraw due to the ankle problem, Essential Quality and Hot Rod Charlie are the two favorites to win the 2021 Kentucky Derby. The legendary trainer Bob Baffert with 6 Kentucky Derby wins, will also be training a horse ‘Medina Spirit’ for the game.

2021 Kentucky Derby

Photo by Gusztáv Galló from Pexels

We are now a few weeks out of the Kentucky Derby, which is also the 147th running of the game. In Churchill Downs of Louisville, Kentucky, we will witness the top 20 horses qualified from the Road to Kentucky Derby attempting to win the race. 

The significant returns on the breeders/owners of the top horses that win the Kentucky Derby would be from the heavy breeding fees people would pay. When American Pahroad captured the Triple Crown while winning the Derby, the breeding fees started from $200,000 per cover. Considering, such a horse would breed about 3-4 times a day or about 200 mates per season, you could only imagine how much the Derby winners could make for their owners. Other horses also have a likelihood of becoming great assets with thousands of dollars per cover breeding fees. So, the Kentucky Derby results would show the worth of the thoroughbred horses.

People are full of enthusiasm to witness these horses competing in their mile and a quarter race in the 2021 Kentucky Derby. Currently, the Road to Kentucky Derby is also running with full intensity, with already six teams crossing the 100-point mark. Just hold your horses until the event to witness the Winner of the 2021 Kentucky Derby.

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