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Living the Dream: How to Work and Travel at the Same Time

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Living the Dream: How to Work and Travel at the Same Time

Getting paid to travel the world is the stuff of dreams. In the past, this was possible for the rich and famous. Going even farther back, maybe you could be a ship captain or an explorer — but who wants to risk scurvy?  Lets explore How to Work and Travel at the Same Time.  With the right job, you can both expand your geographic pursuits & make money all at the same time.

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It’s amazing how much things have changed.

These days, this is no longer just a dream. Literally, millions of people across the world have escaped the 9-to-5 office grind and now work from anywhere they want. Most need nothing more than a laptop, pair of headphones, and some good WiFi.

OK, that all sounds great … but how? There are actually more ways to join the legion of those who pick up and go anywhere on a whim. And the following advice and options help illustrate some of the quickest ways to get out of your comfort zone and start trotting the globe — while getting paid.

Public Relations

Many traditional jobs are increasingly catering to fully remote workers. Public relations (PR) is one of these fields, and if you have experience, this might be the route for you. Sure, Fortune 500 companies usually demand a team of employees in-house to respond urgently to media requests and have strategic face-to-face conversations about sensitive issues.

Small businesses in the United States employ the majority of the workers in this country. Many just need a qualified pro to issue the occasional press release, solicit good coverage, schedule interviews and monitor incoming email or social media channels. This can generally be done anywhere largely through digital correspondence and phone calls.

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Direct Sales

The days of big-box retail are dying, and showroom floors continue to disappear by the day. While this can be depressing for corporations in the space, and even small shop owners, it is presenting a great opportunity for others. Consumers, of course, aren’t buying less. On the contrary, they are simply moving online and looking for trusted vendors that can provide them with exactly what they want outside of the mall or retail experience.

This makes direct sales even more attractive than ever. Working for global companies like Amway has long been a great way to work independently, and it is giving more and more people today’s geographic freedom as well.

While the potential to make a great living is high, some people still wonder about rumors they may have encountered that the company could be something of a scam. That certainly is not the case whatsoever, as illustrated in this Amway pyramid scheme facts post from the company. Rather than worry about silly myths, those in the know are jumping at this opportunity to land sales and make money while they travel.

Work and Travel at the Same Time

If you’ve always wanted to roam the world, you were born at the right time. Unlike any other era, this is now a real possibility, and that reality becomes even more achievable if you understand how to travel on a budget.

There are many, many places to go and live very well without breaking the bank. So even if your income on day one isn’t putting you into first-class seats, you’ll get by just fine. Before long, you may even be putting money away — not just spending everything on travel.

Some of the best opportunities lie in public relations and direct sales. But there are so many to choose from. You don’t even have to limit yourself to just these areas. The best plan is to think long and hard about all the options out there.

If you find the right fit before you know it, who knows? Your skills very well may become your ticket to anywhere. 

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