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Job Interview Style

When it comes to feeling well-presented and able to handle anything the world throws at you, few things are better assistance than style. The happier you feel in your outward appearance, the higher your levels of self-confidence — it’s a simple matter of wanting to live up to the expectations that your style creates.

If there is one time in life when you could do with more self-confidence than at any other, it’s when you’re going for a job interview. You need to impress. You need to sit in front of a stranger and convince them that you are the missing link when it comes to their business success. That means you’re going to need to sell yourself, and if you need to sell yourself, you need to believe in and have confidence in yourself. That means getting your interview style and your grooming right are pretty important in the grand scheme of things.

There are four key factors to remember about what you wear for a job interview; it’s not as simple as throwing on a suit and giving your shoes a quick polish. If you keep these factors in mind, then you should be able to sail through your next interview with ease.

Colourful Thinking

There’s nothing that says you have to wear a black suit to an interview; in fact, doing so can look a little somber. Suits come in all sorts of different colors, and you should take advantage of that. Try and keep the color demure; soft tones rather than bright, outlandish colors, and keep any prints you might be tempted by to a muted minimum. Grey, beige, deep reds, or navy blue all look fantastic. Wear them over well-cut options such as men’s TM Lewin shirts to complete the basic look.

Little Details

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There are small details in your overall outfit that could do with examination. If you want your look to appear cleverly put together and intentional, then these details are just as important as the suit itself. Here’s a few things to consider:

  • A pocket square — somewhat old-fashioned but doubtless full of panache
  • Your shoes should be polished to within an inch of their lives
  • Your tie doesn’t have to be a simple block color. Obviously, leave aside the comedy ties, but a print or striped tie can look fantastic against a deep-colored suit.
  • Cufflinks might not be necessary since buttons tend to come on all cuffs now, but that doesn’t mean you should eschew them. In fact, it’s worth carefully removing the buttons so you have a reason to wear cufflinks; they definitely give an outfit an added dimension.

To Shave Or Not To Shave

Beards have gone through a fashion renaissance, so there’s no particular need to go clean-shaven to a job interview. However, you do need to show that your beard is well-maintained. It needs a shape rather than just randomly growing wherever it pleases, so get to work with a pair of trimmers until everything falls into place. On the interview day itself, a liberal application of wax should help keep you looking dapper.

Good luck for the interview and enjoy the confidence following the above steps is able to give you.

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