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Can you survive without a boiler cover?

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Can you survive without a boiler cover? Vital Facts

No doubt, a boiler becomes your hero during winter months to kill the monster of chilled water. For this reason, you can’t ignore its annual service and maintenance. Unfortunately, numerous people overlook the importance of a boiler cover. They wait for a boiler breakdown to deal with it, Can you survive without a boiler cover?

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Image by Ulrich Dregler from Pixabay

Remember, things will become terrible for you without a cover. You can’t be able to call a trustworthy boiler engineer on time. As a result, you will be forced to live in an unpleasant and cold house during bitterly-cold days. This will make you wonder why you didn’t prepare such a scenario beforehand. To avoid the troubles of cold water, you will need a boiler cover.  If you want to pick the best cover after evaluating available options check our list here

Types of a Boiler Covers

You can choose between two types of breakdown covers in order to survive without a boiler cover:

Cover for controls and boiler only

Cover for whole heating system, such as hot water

Sometimes, you can get extra protection for drains, electrics, and plumbing by paying an additional cost. A plan may include a gas boiler or annual oil-fired maintenance service and check. The plan must cover labor, call-out, and parts. Make sure to buy a policy with a yearly safety check.

Cost of a Boiler Cover

People often ignore a cover because they don’t want to burden their budget. As compared to your expectations, buying a boiler cover is a cheap and affordable decision. The cost of boiler covers may depend on the protection against breakdowns and other features. With an accurate plan, you can save money on the regular maintenance and repair jobs of your boiler. Boiler cover with annual service and maintenance can cost up to £330 a year, and boiler cover with complete service including maintenance, central heating repairs, electrical wiring, plumbing, water pipes, water pipes, and drains can cost up to £500 a year.

Why is the boiler cover a must-have?

Boiler breakdown decreases the stress and hassle of finding a boiler engineer in an emergency. It will help you to avoid the lack of hot water during chilled days. Central-heating faults may be challenging to find and costly to repair. Boiler cover is necessary to save money and get peace of mind. Avoid potentially expensive and unexpected repair bills.

Boiler Insurance - Can you survive without a boiler cover?

How Does It Work?

Boiler covers work in different ways, depending on who your provider is. But the things included in most boiler covers are spare parts and engineer’s labor. The engineer who will come for repair will have a time limit as well, and you can’t have him working longer than that. In such a scenario, you might have to pay some extra money. There will also be restrictions on the number of claims you can make annually, depending on your cover. Most claims also have a waiting period where you would not be able to claim for a certain amount of time when you have taken your policy.

Your request for a boiler cover can also be rejected in the following scenarios:

  • Your boiler is too old and has significantly higher chances of malfunctioning.
  • Your boiler is too expensive to be repaired in the event of a boiler breakdown.

Get an Easy Fix so 

After buying a plan, you will get mental peace that an engineer is only a call away from you. It is a cheap and quick way to restore your heating system. Remember, it is not easy to call a heating engineer on short notice. If you can’t ensure a cold home for 2 to 3 days or even more, you must have a boiler cover. Moreover, you can avoid expensive repairs and an inexperienced heating engineer. If you don’t have your system covered and your old boiler breaks down, it’s still possible to get a finance your boiler without breaking the bank, you can read more about it here: https://www.compareboilerquotes.co.uk/boilers-on-finance/

Things to Consider Before Buying a Boiler Cover

Before buying boiler insurance, you have to check the facilities and services available with your plan. Some boiler cover offer unlimited claims and covers each year. Others may come with an upper monetary limit and adjust maximum call-outs annually. A few policies may exclude particular things, such as built-up damage to a boiler.

Remember, boiler cover plans are cheaper than replacing a full system. Make sure to buy a reliable cover for your boiler at the time of purchasing a new unit. It will help you to avoid the troubles of a waiting period of an insurance plan.

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