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The Rise Of The Men’s Fashion Bloggers

Men's Fashion Bloggers
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The Rise Of The Men’s Fashion Bloggers; Here are some things you should be writing about

When it comes to blogging, you can’t go wrong with fashion. You’ll never struggle to find content, and there are plenty of readers who will be excited to read your work. While many would argue that the world of fashion is predominantly female, most men care about their appearance and want to know how to dress well. Plus, Men’s Fashion Bloggers have less competition. 

As a fashion blogger, your first post should be well written and lacking in errors (you may want to get it proofread). You should also include some photos and make it aesthetically pleasing. But what should you be writing about?  

New looks

Most people read fashion blogs because they want advice on what they should be wearing and how. Make this your starting place when writing about fashion. Advising your readers on how to wear shorts or what to wear for work; this is what readers what to understand. Staying connected to the fasion world will keep you up to date with current trends, you can advise your readers on how to stay fashionable. Most bloggers are aware of new looks and current trends, so to be in the fashion blogging industry, this must be something that interests you. 


As someone who knows their fashion, you probably also know plenty of key players in the industry. Featuring or interviewing some of them can be a great way to hook in readers and get traffic on your blog. If you don’t know anyone directly, don’t worry too much. Social media is an excellent way of connecting with people, or you can find email addresses easily online. While you’re a new blogger, and you might not be able to attract the most prominent names, promising visibility to a designer, photographer, or model is always appealing. Make sure you promote yourself and your skills when you get in contact and see if you can develop a mutual connection.  

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The fashion industry has been under a lot of scrutinies lately due to its ethical values. Many brands are under the spotlight for damaging the environment or not paying their employees sufficiently. So, as a fashion blogger, you must be aware of this, and try to promote sustainable brands. Because it’s currently an important topic, you might be able to gain some traffic on your blog by writing about sustainable fashion and providing some of your opinions on the matter.   

Cool events

One of the perks of being a fashion blogger is that you get the excuse to attend cool events. So, you definitely should be blogging about any events you go to and writing about your experience there. Engross yourself in fashion circles by attending seminars, fashion weeks, catwalks, exhibits, or parties. Your readers will want to know what these events are like – especially if you get an exclusive invite with behind-the-scenes perks. Blogging about what you’ve learned at an event and sharing your photos will give your blog new credibility.  

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