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Importance of Financial Statements in Decision Making

Financial Statements
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Importance of Financial Statements in Decision Making

Business and company managers must make decisions all the time. These decisions revolve around reducing costs, buying capital assets, getting financial help, improving profitability, and increasing sales. The best way to be informed is to review your Financial Statements and review tips for running your business

These critical decisions help the company to increase your business profitability. Different tools assist help assist in accomplishing your goals. It also helps in understanding the financial position of the company via your booksFinancial statements can assist in interpreting all the numbers providing better insight into your business, enabling you to make the best decisions for running your business. 

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Photo by Carlos Muza on Unsplash

Three financial statements are vital to understanding your business that will help you make more informed decisions. These statements help in giving an accurate picture of a business for a set period. 

The data evaluation helps make any operational decisions like freeing up existing cash to pay expenses or getting credit. 

  • Balance sheet: The balance sheet helps in understanding the credit policies and freeing up receivables. The available money becomes operating capital hence increasing sales and reducing credit. This statement helps a business manager to see all the opportunities for growth and efficiencies within the numbers.
  • Cash-flow statement: It is an essential statement when it comes to decision making. The Cash flow statement will help business managers know if they have adequate cash on hand to cover the bills. It represents the company’s reality instead of the net income and earnings that can overlook your financial picture. It is a significant concern when the operating cash flow is below your expenses—understanding your cash flows helps management to know where to focus their time, like obtaining better pricing, debt management, or inventory levels. Knowing where you stand financially will help you decide where to focus your time to improve the companies financial position. 
  • The income statement: This statement will include other intangibles like depreciation. It will not show what is received or paid. It will be possible to see the company’s profitability, and it is a great tool to indicate the company’s overall performance. Managers will be able to compare the performance with other companies. They will also decide on the operating expenses and the cost of goods to maintain profit margins. 

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Business managers need to sharpen their analytical skills to make better decisions that affect the companies operations and profitability. This resource site will offer more information on how to understand financial statements for belter decision making. The statements help in getting historical data of any business entity. They include accurate records of the assets and liabilities combined with income and expenses. 

It acts as a form of communication while offering a summary of the financial details. Business managers will be able to know the company’s performance to determine prospects and business management. 

Different measurements and evaluations need to be made for financial statements to help in decision-making. It is at this point when they become useful tools. The process involves arranging the information in an understandable format to gauge performance, financial health, activities, and growth. The decision made is not based on the financial report but on future predictions based on past performance. Managers need to understand real-time information and all business conditions. 

Investors will use these statements for financial analysis on whether to invest or not. Lenders will know about the financial health of the company and the ability to handle debt. Creditors will have the chance to learn about credit extension and the worthiness of the business.

Seeing the importance of your financial statements, you may want to find a financial advisor that can assist you in both creating and understanding your statements. The right professional can help you create a financial strategy that meets your business objectives, which will help you not only better understand where your business is financially, but it will assist you in making those tough decisions on the direction of your business. 


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