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Facts About Euteller Casinos in Finland

Facts About Eutellers Casinos in Finland
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Euteller is a real-time bank transfer that empowers merchants to accept payments directly from the customer’s online bank. It is a private company founded in 2007 for Finnish online consumers to make online bank transactions using their bank accounts accessible, which promises that their customers’ money is safe and secure.

They are an authorized payment institution accredited by the Financial Supervisory Authority of Finland (FIN-FSA), so they are noted for being a trustworthy kind of institution.

Technology and people’s lifestyle motivated third-party operators to create a faster payment method when it comes to betting because wagers became more and more demanding as time went by. Bettors wanted a faster and more convenient way of payment and cashing out using bank transactions, and there are times that online banking seems to be tedious or a bit of a hassle. Eutellers casinos, which affiliates nine major Finnish banks, connect both the bettor and their bank accounts faster and more securely. 

How does it work?

When the customer makes a payment for the goods purchased or the service requested online, the shopper must select the Euteller payment method. They will be automatically redirected to the website. Then, the customer chooses the bank the transaction will be made, and they will be redirected there. The customer logs on to the bank and then makes the payment. There is no requirement for customers to register, and making a deposit is fast. Once the deposit has been made, it is immediately processed and is available immediately in the betting account. 

Since this is a third-party payment operator, Euteller charges a 1.95% maximum per transaction, and the ceiling is 2.95 euros. 

The following are the banks available for Euteller:

  • Sampo Bank
  • S-Bank
  • Nordea
  • Aktia
  • Handelsbanken
  • Pohjola
  • Ålandsbanken
  • OP-Bank
  • Tapiola

Suppose you are visiting Finland or a Finnish local, and you want to use Euteller for waging online transactions. In that case, you must have a bank account in any of these affiliated banks because Euteller only accepts withdrawals and deposits from these banks. 

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Advantages of Euteller

One major advantage of Euroteller is that the customer can securely use their debit or credit, and they don’t have to enter major details online. The customer can have assurance that their bank account is safe and secure from cyber theft and fraud. Moreover, Eurotell has a name and is famous all over Finland, so one can be sure that the monetary transactions done in this institution are legal and safe.

Transactions are fast and can be easily completed compared to traditional banks. There is no need for dragging verification processes and registrations, which takes about 10 to 15 minutes and sometimes more, especially if there are internet issues or if the customer encounters bank issues.

As mentioned, conducting deposits is safe in Euteller because they use advanced security systems so the customer can easily transact business conveniently and securely.

What’s the catch?

Given that this third-party payment option has many advantages and benefits, it also has disadvantages and limits. 

For one, it is only available in Finland. Therefore, you have to be in Finland or practically living here before you can enjoy Euteller, which is, unfortunately, one reason why their service is not the best option for bettors from other places in Europe. Another thing, Eurotell only transacts business to the nine (9) banks mentioned above. 

Second, it is designed to make deposits. Withdrawals are not included. Therefore, the client needs to process their withdrawals to their Finnish bank accounts. The client needs to inform the online casino operator about their bank information to avoid future discrepancies.

The service of Euteller may be limiting, and some bookmakers do not always offer this as the best option for payment method. It is guaranteed as a trustworthy third option payment party when it comes to monetary transactions. When visiting Finland, it is best to know about Eurotell and its conditions if you want to enjoy online betting easily and securely. 

Featured Photo by Anthony Fomin on Unsplash

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