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Barnebys – Changing the World of the Auction Internet-Style

Mention auction houses to most people and they will think of the big places in London or around the country where items sell for millions of pounds.  Talk about online auction sites and one name comes to mind – eBay.  But there is a middle ground between the traditional auction house and the online world and it is exemplified by a company called Barnebys.

Who are Barnebys?

Barnebys was born from the idea of making it easier for people to find art and antiques themselves, without the use of specialist dealers and insider knowledge.  As more people want to bring fine quality items to their homes, demand at auction houses has increased but the idea of braving these places is somewhat intimidating for many people.

On the other hand, searching the internet can be a minefield.  How do you know that the item is genuine?  How much should you pay for an item without overspending?  What does the item really look like away from Photoshopped ideals often used for internet sites?

Therefore, the idea was conceived back in 2011 that became known as Barnebys.  The idea was to bring the world of the auction house to the online world, offering access for people around the world to the very best auction houses from their living rooms.

How it works

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Barnebys website allows sellers to showcase their items to an audience far larger than would ever attend a single auction event.  They can be sold to people around the world through a safe and secure platform.  If an individual seller needs help to make a sale, the website can connect them to the best antique experts to get advice and guidance.  And the website also offers a free price bank, meaning sellers can compare past prices on their item to get a realistic pricing figure.

For buyers, they can use the advanced search facilities on the website to make the process of finding just the right item much easier.  If they are a collector or the item they require isn’t currently available, they can set up alerts to be notified when such a piece does arrive on the website.

Item available

The website has an expansive range of items from six main collections.  At the time of writing, there were over 42,000 items in the Arts & Graphics department as well as over 23,000 watches and clocks.  Fashion and vintage items number of 14,000 and there are some 21,000 furniture, design and mirrors available.  Jewellery and gems amount to some 70,000 items and there are nearly 9,000 ceramics of all different types.  This vast range means that almost any buyer can find something that suits their tastes or offers them inspiration.

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