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6 Best Qualities of a Professional Dentist

6 Best Qualities of a Professional Dentist
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Acquiring the proper knowledge in dental school and applying the knowledge in practice are two different things. It takes a great professional to have the needed level of expertise and experience to carry out complex oral procedures. Dentists are also expected to develop habits and qualities to make them stand out among others in the profession.

Dentistry is unlike most professions in the health sector. While most careers are centered on science, there is more to a dentist than providing dental solutions. Dentists have to develop a good and likable personality both at work and at home. They are rumored to be good professionals, good artists, good business persons, and generally good people.

Most dentists start their practice or business once they complete their studies. For this reason, they need other skills other than knowing how to care for and treat patients. They also need to understand how to communicate with patients and how to grow their business. Here are some of the essential qualities a dentist should have.

1. Has Strong Interpersonal Skills

Since dentists spend most of their day interacting with people, they need to develop strong interpersonal skills. Most people, especially children, do not like visiting the dentist. For this reason, a dentist should be personable, easily approachable, and someone who can make people feel comfortable. Apart from working with patients, dentists also have to interact with other office staff, including hygienists and assistants. A good dentist will know how to interact with staff and develop healthy relationships in the workplace.

2. Good Manual Dexterity

Good manual dexterity is essential for health professionals like dentists, especially since they work in a relatively small area (mouth). Dentistry involves several procedures that require a steady hand and essential eye-to-hand coordination. Having been exposed to situations requiring fine motor skills or handling machines and tools in a small area helps. Additionally, a good dentist needs to have stamina considering the long hours some dental sessions might take.

3. Has Good Business Skills

Most dentists open their business or become part of a business after completing their training. Apart from being health professionals, they also become business people and learn how to run a business. From training and hiring staff, handling legal issues, sorting out expenses, and marketing their business, there are a lot of things a dentist needs to do to make their business successful. This requires them to develop good business skills.

4. Excellent Communication and Problem-solving Skills

Strong communication skills are an essential skill across every industry. It is an essential skill for a health professional to have, especially if you are dealing with new patients every day. Dentists need to educate their patients on oral health and need to help them understand technical information. You can learn more about your options from Foothill Family Dentistry on their website.  Additionally, problem-solving skills are essential for a dentist since not all cases are the same. Every patient’s case might not have a clear-cut solution. This requires a dentist with a problem–solving skills to think outside the box to come up with the best solution.

5. Honest and Compassionate

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Dentists deal with a lot of dental problems every day, which can affect people’s lives differently. A good dentist needs to be careful and sensitive when dealing with specific oral problems. This makes the patients feel comfortable and at ease. Additionally, a good dentist should be honest. This allows patients to trust you with their dental health.

6. Has a Passion for Providing Care to Those in Need

Another essential quality of a great dentist is one who loves their job. A dentist passionate about providing dental care for those in need is more likely to be trustworthy. They should be able to help patients with their payment plans and budget for oral care. Additionally, it is essential to participate in community programs and services to provide those in need with low-cost dental care.


All the qualities listed above are essential in a dentist, making them stand out from the rest. With these qualities, patients can feel comfortable and trust the dental professional. If you live in Brisbane or the surrounding areas, visit Brisbane Smiles to get the best dental experience and book an appointment with the best dentist in Brisbane.

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