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3 Sports That Every Aspiring Gentleman Needs To Master

Gentlemen, listen up. Life is not all about wining and dining, sometimes you’ve got to get your hands dirty, too – and we don’t just mean cleaning out the bins every week. True gents need to take part in some sport. So, here at the top three sports every aspiring gentleman should be attempting to master. Check it out guys.


Arguably England’s finest creation, football is a global game, loved by all. It is arguably the most popular sport in the world, too. So, therefore, it is vitally important that, as a gentleman, you get to grips with it. We’re sure you’ve seen your favourite Premier League stars such as Mesut Ozil, Sergio Aguero and Harry Kane strut their stuff on the TV. However, don’t you wish that you could do that too? Get down to the park with your mates, or better, hire out an all-weather pitch for the afternoon and get practising. Order yourself a pair of nice boots, suitable for all surfaces and get kicking it about. Adidas or Nike are probably your best bets when it comes to footy gear – they’re the pros. If you and your friends seem to be enjoying the time that you’re having, then why not set-up your own football team? You could get your own kit, badge and play in a league against other local sides each weekend. You don’t have to take it too seriously, and could always head down the pub afterwards! Give it a go.

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A true man’s game. Rugby, another English invention, is a very gentlemanly sport. You’ll need fourteen other pals to put a team together, but the chances are that you all played the game throughout secondary school anyhow. Familiarise yourself with the rules before getting out there and getting stuck in. Remember your knock-ons and your offsides and you should be fine. If there’s a big group of you who want to club together and start your own rugby union team, then go for it! Get yourself a sweet looking rugby kit online, these can be custom designed, too. Everybody loves a bit of rugger and it will certainly attract the ladies, too. What more reason could you need to give the game a go, today?


Finally, you need to get your whites out and get into gear with England’s most typically gentlemanly sport, cricket. Relive your favourite Ashes-winning moments in the park with your friends. You’re not going to need massive amounts of numbers to get a game up and running either. All you’ll require is a bat, ball and something that constitutes a stump. From there, you’ll just need two batters, a bowler and some fielders, and you’re away. If you can really master your cricket along with football and rugby then you’re going to look like a very accomplished sportsman.

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Hopefully, you’ve enjoyed this post on the top three gentlemanly sports that this country has to offer. Get out there and go and master all three, today! Good luck.

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