Italy’s Hidden Treasures

Rich history, amazing culture and stunning places comprise this boot-shaped peninsula making Italy one of the most interesting places to visit. It is a place full of archaeological wonders quite incomparable around the world. Italy is brimming with history, culture, art and science which are heritages of its powerful and colorful past, making it an ideal destination for millions of tourists.  If you are currently planning to visit this popular destination, you’ll be able to find your accommodation in Italy online.  Rome, Milan, Florence – these are favorite hotspots and they are indeed worth the visit. But you have to visit these less known places to see the hidden gems beyond the dazzling capitals.

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Image by Giancarlo Composto from Pixabay
  1. Puglia – If you love the sea, then this is the ideal place to visit. It boasts miles of sun-drenched coastline along the Adriatic Sea. Each town has its own distinctive identity and you will find that a lot of places here are not so touristy, being located far from the main cities. It is worth visiting Ostuni characterized by white-washed Moorish houses that dot the hillsides. Go to the Itria Valley, especially in Alberobello to see the mysterious Trulli houses which create a fairytale-like effect with their pyramidal, domed or conical roofs built of corbelled limestone slabs. This is actually a pre-historic building technique still used in the region.
  1. Basilicata – You will love the surreal landscapes of this region, characterized by verdant hills and mountains with ancient towns atop them. It is not one of the more popular destinations for tourists but it is a place that epitomizes an idyllic holiday that satisfies the many senses. While Matera is the star attraction for its ancient cave dwellings called“sassi,”you would also love to visit the surrounding areas. The area is dotted with medieval villages built on rocky mountainsides and hilltops such as Castelmezzano, Pietra Pertosa, Muro Lucano, and Aliano, to name a few. Yearly, these towns hold numerous festivals where visitors can witness the traditions and culture of the places. The Lucanian Apennines, the Parco Nazionale del Pollino, and the area of the Lake of Monticchio offer the perfect destination for hikers and naturalists. You will also love the seaside areas such as Maratea.
  1. Abruzzo – Holding one of the country’s wildest terrains, this region is beautiful with its rugged terrain characterized by high Alpine plains and extensive valleys bordered by the Abruzzo Apennines with the Gran Sasso being the highest. You can go horseback riding, trekking or hiking. Visitors will marvel at the deeply rural places around L’Aquila where time seemed to have stopped somewhere in the 15th Drop by Scanno where you can find elderly women wearing costumes that originated in Asia Minor. You can attend the numerous festivals held yearly, with the one of Cocullo being the most unusual in all of Europe. Pass by miles of olive groves and other fruit trees as you make your way to the spectacular medieval hilltop towns of Loreto Aprutino and Pettorano sul Gizio.