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Whisky in Paris

Following up on our recent Cigars in Paris article, I thought I’d write something up for the curious whisky-lover in Paris.  As the host...

Vancouver Whisky Release

Today your local BC Signature store is stocking its shelves with some of the world's rarest and most exciting malts. Even if your location...

How to Store Scotch Whisky

I recently finished off a bottle of scotch that had been sitting on the shelf for some time with barely a half inch of...

Do the math

I made it into a local pub in North Carolina last night, and after my colleague ordered a PBR, I ordered a dram of...

The Value of Cigar Rollers

Had a busy busy weekend around here, with no end in sight, so I thought I'd share a great little article I found in...

How The “Pros” Store Their Cigars

There is much debate on desktop humidors vs. cabinets vs. coolidors, so I began to wonder how the better-known cigar smokers and writers stored...