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‘Gars for the Golf Course

Photo provided by Luke of aspiringgentleman.com
Photo provided by Luke of aspiringgentleman.com

If you haven’t already seen it, I recently wrote a guest article over at Primer Magazine detailing my preferences for a golf course cigar.  Here’s a snippet:

Firstly, a golf course cigar needs to be one you are happy to give away to a variety of people, both cigar connoisseurs as well as first time smokers. As such, the cigars should be inexpensive. To me this means under $5, a price point where there are plenty of garbage cigars, but also some good ones – if you know what to look for. Also, the cigar needs to be an easy smoke. I’ve smoked cigars that give a massive nicotine buzz even after a large dinner or have overpowering flavors; any such cigar should be avoided. Conversely, you want something with some good flavor that your golf buddies will actually enjoy.

Secondly, the cigar needs to be suitable for the golf course. With rounds lasting upwards of four hours, it’s nice to have something that you’ll enjoy for a few holes. Also, while you’re putting it’s nice to have a cigar that will sit comfortably in your mouth, so make sure to get something with decent ring gauge.

Check out the full article here.

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