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Simple Summer Driving Tips To Help You Stay Safe

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Is there a better feeling than driving along with the top down with the warm sun on your skin? Driving in summer can feel freeing and exciting, but it doesn’t come without its risks. Just like winter has its own driving rules and advice, there are things you can do in the summer to help enjoy a safer drive.

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Look forward to a fun-filled summer on the road with these simple driving tips to help you stay safe.

Keep your car cool

Getting into a hot car is not cool, it can make you feel uncomfortable and irritable, making the drive a nightmare. Some top tips for keeping your car cool this summer include parking in the shade, opening the doors and windows and running the aircon for a few minutes before you get in. Shade covers also make a great investment so try and get some to keep in the trunk in case you have to park in open areas with a lack of shade.

Get your tires checked

Tires that are already showing signs of wear could be at risk during the summer heat, as the temperature can increase the pressure that causes them to blow. Get your tires checked regularly to make sure they’re safe for driving, and keep a spare in the trunk in case you suffer a puncture.

Stay hydrated

Dehydration has many potential consequences for drivers, leading to a lack of focus, blurred vision and will help keep you sharp while driving. While you can take steps to prepare yourself, other drivers might not be so cautious, so keep the number of a highly recommended personal injury lawyer to hand in case you need to make a claim against another driver. Take plenty of breaks for long journeys and keep lots of water to hand. A break might add time to your journey, but the consequences of being tired or dehydrated are much worse to think about.

Avoid glare

Glare on the road can affect your view of the road and could lead to an accident. It’s better to be prepared by making sure you and your car are protected against the sun’s glare. When driving in the sun, wear sunglasses and/or a hat, use your sun visor and make sure the dashboard is free from anything that could attract the sun like papers or metal.

Pack some breakdown essentials

Are you prepared for a car breakdown or an accident? Having some essentials in the trunk could help you. From emergency food and water supplies to maps and power packs, it doesn’t hurt to have some handy items in your car in case you need them. Make sure you know what to do after an accident or a breakdown so that you’re prepared for anything.

Summer driving should be fun and exciting, so make sure you’re prepared. Being a safe and responsible driver will keep you and others protected on the road, so use your common sense and follow the rules to give you the best chance of driving safely this summer.

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