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What Does Your Car Say About You

What Does Your Car Say About You

Cars are the ultimate toys for the boys. Even as children, we have become fascinated with these 4-wheeled beauties. It is obviously wired into our DNA, a natural connection that can’t be shaken off. That’s probably why in adulthood, we consider our cars as our partners in crime and even an extension of us.

What car are you driving? Are you a retro-inspired Fiat 500 guy or a sleek and athletic Ford Focus kind of man? Many men can scope what another is about simply by finding out the answer to this question. Most of the time, our cars are a reflection of our personalities and phases in life. So what does your car say about you? This infographic from http://motorparks.co.uk/ did a great breakdown of cars and how each is correlated to their owner’s characteristics.

The visual uses information gathered from YouGov Profiler, Google Trends and search volume on the Motorparks website to get to the bottom of questions like:

  • What is the most popular demographic for the UK’s top car manufacturers?
  • Where are they likely to shop?
  • How would they describe themselves?
  • What is their profession?
  • What do they like to get up to in their spare time?
  • Where are the hotspots across the UK for the best-selling car manufacturers?

Read on to find out more:

What does your car say about you - What Does Your Car Say About You

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