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When should a company outsource AngularJS development?

AngularJS development
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When should a company outsource AngularJS development?

You have a successful company, your business, and the deal of your life. There is a moment when you realize that you want to engage more customers. How to do that? Well, I suggest you start by creating your own website or a mobile application. In 2020, almost every entrepreneur represents the services of their businesses in such away. The easiest and the most convenient tool for it is the famous framework developed by Google – AngularJS development. But, if you lack programming skills, I recommend you to hire an AngularJS developer.

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What technical advantages of AngularJS can benefit your company in creating the website or the mobile application?

  • Maintainability. Because AngularJS relies on the proven programming model Model-View-Controller (MVC), it forces the developer to separate presentation code from business logic. This makes the code easier to read and, thus, more maintainable.
  • Testability. In addition to the fact that the MVC programming model also supports the testability of the individual program parts, AngularJS also provides patterns such as dependency injection, which favors the isolated testing of components and has also been used in Java .NET environment for years. In addition to unit tests, AngularJS also supports integration tests (end-2-end tests), which simulate a user’s interactions.
  • Data binding. Developers have better things to do than synchronize data objects with input forms. AngularJS automates this monotonous and error-prone task utilizing data binding.
  • Validation. What applies to data binding also applies to the validation of entries. Fortunately, this aspect is also supported by AngularJS. If the developer does not get along with the predefined validation rules, he can easily define his own.
  • Internationalization. Applications created with the help of AngularJS can handle different languages ​​and data formats. While most programming platforms support this task, it is unfortunately still somehow a challenge in JavaScript. AngularJS provides a remedy here by offering support for different regions.
  • Routing and deep linking. With its routing concept, AngularJS provides a single-page application with several logical pages. In this way, the developer can implement logical pages without having to write infrastructure code. Each logical page receives its URL, although it is part of a single physical page. The user can thus use the Back button and define bookmarks for individual logical pages.

If you are not familiar with the programming pros of AngularJS, that’s not a big deal. Then just hire AngularJS developers or a whole team of developers to get the best result that you have ever expected. 

We move to another question. If you ask me what is better: hiring in-staff or outsourcing the AngularJS development, I will definitely choose to outsource.

What does outsourcing mean?

In translation, this means using external resources. Outsourcing refers to a corporate strategy whose content aims to outsource individual tasks, sub-areas, or entire business processes of a company to a third-party company or transfer them to one or more service providers or freelancers. The external service providers are used for tasks requiring expertise that is not yet, or no longer available in the respective company. Examples of outsourcing include online marketing, graphics and design, social media marketing, and web design.

What are the reasons to outsource and when to do it?

Of course, the question arises as to why companies go to the jungles of outsourcing and why they don’t simply hire the appropriate staff to fill these gaps. The reasons for outsourcing lie in the cost-benefit calculation. In fact, it is much more expensive for companies to look for suitable software developers who go through the time-consuming and cost-intensive application process. These employees need offices, furniture, and technical equipment to be able to carry out their work. Besides, personal costs include the salary, social security contributions, and, if applicable, bonuses. In fact, these expenses bear no relation to the financing of outsourcing. Therefore, it is interesting for corporations and large companies and medium and small businesses to outsource entire processes, projects, or specific tasks to external service providers or freelancers to achieve the best possible result. Let’s talk about these benefits in detail.

1. Focus on core competencies: saving time and increasing success

If your company outsources software development with AngularJS, this affects the company’s efficiency and productivity. The focus on the core competencies means more effectiveness and an increase in quality and external impact. Because it is the key technologies and core competencies of a company that differentiates from other companies. Outsourcing also means relief because companies gain valuable time to invest in the development of the company itself, so that outsourcing can affect success.

2. Flexibility and quick reaction to a higher workload

Outsourcing requires a fast reaction to a higher workload. The flexibility is shown because tasks are also assigned to external service providers or AngularJS freelancers that only have to be performed once. It is not worthwhile to employ at least one employee, for example, creating websites installing software.

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3. Time and cost savings

Hire AngularJS developers when you want to save time and money. External service providers work more cost-effectively. There is no in-house furnishing with office space, work equipment, and technical devices, as external service providers use their own equipment. The same applies to the salary. The cooperation with external parties is contractually regulated through service or work contracts. This means that there are no personal costs but that the work invoiced by external parties is listed as material costs in the accounting, which are tax-deductible as expenses for external services within the framework of operating expenses. In addition, external service providers save time. They are specialists in their field and ready for immediate use. There is no need for time-consuming training of your own employees. Due to the special knowledge and professional experience, outsourced developers and freelancers are able to carry out certain tasks and projects more quickly and efficiently.

4. Use of expert knowledge

Expert knowledge is always important when this know-how is not available in your own company, or you don’t have specialized knowledge of programming. Examples are the introduction of new software or work processes that have been changed due to digitization. Companies then have the choice of sending employees on further training, using an external service provider with the corresponding expert knowledge or hiring a new employee. Training is costly and tedious. After that, it is not guaranteed whether a professional implementation of what has been learned is possible immediately. Since this is a one-time process, it does not make sense to hire a new employee who is then superfluous. Due to the limited duration, outsourcing is the smartest option.

5. Increase in quality and speed, including cost reduction

Experts who are employed for a certain period of time or for the provision of a certain service always mean an increase in quality. A professional deliver better work and quality within a short period of time, promptly and much faster than a semi-skilled employee. This has an effect on cost efficiency and means that the costs for development, production, and services can often be reduced. These cost advantages are further intensified by concentrating on the most important activities.

6. More and faster growth potential

Outsourced employees enable not only small and medium-sized companies and startups to grow faster. Expert knowledge from outside that is readily available allows making larger steps towards growth and expansion, as it is fully available promptly and without restrictions.

7. Reducing Risks

AngularJS software engineers or the outsourced people on the basis of freelance have the necessary professional experience so that they can calculate opportunities and risks accordingly. This also means that with the help of freelancers, new ideas can be tried out while minimizing risk because experts are synonymous with an increased level of security, which leads to a reduction in possible risks.

Conclusion | AngularJS development

In conclusion, it should be noted that outsourcing AngularJS development can be very beneficial for every company in many different ways:

  • The focus on core competencies means more time that can be invested in new activities and which can lead to more success.
  • External service providers are flexible in terms of time and space and enable prompt action.
  • They meantime and cost savings.
  • They offer expert knowledge and work experience.
  • The increase in quality and speed requires a reduction in costs.
  • Expert knowledge that is available promptly enables faster growth.
  • Professional experience and specialist knowledge of external service providers and freelancers reduce possible risks.

So, do not be afraid to trust the development of the mobile app or a website for AngularJS professionals. Good luck in finding and outsourcing your best employees!

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