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Must Have Apps For Winter

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According to the the Huffington Post, on average, we spend one third of our waking lives on our smartphones. As we become even more engrossed into this digital age, it appears there is an app for just about everything. Sharing your views and pictures, finding jobs and dates, food apps and gaming are all apart of this online stratosphere, one that has never been so accessible. However, finding the best apps can be a perilous task with app stores teeming with so many. Using our guide, discover the best, most up-to-date mobile apps to keep you set this winter.

For Entertainment:

The Witness

Imagine waking up, alone, with no recollection of who you are, on a strange island which is littered with puzzles that surprise and challenge you. In order to regain your memory and find your way home, you must explore the island and complete it’s puzzles whilst hunting for clues. Well, with a 4.5/5 rating on Google’s app store, The Witness is a game that does just that. It’s puzzles range from easy to hardcore, meaning this game caters to you whatever your puzzle gaming experience level is. Finally, you have an excuse to not leave the house this winter.


2 2 - Must Have Apps For Winter

With winter on the horizon, now is the perfect time to get cozy and join the world’s leading subscription TV-streaming site, Netflix. Netflix boasts a huge variety of TV episodes and films that can be live-streamed or downloaded to your mobile device and watched offline. With the first month free, viewers can choose from thousands of titles and watch as many series and films as often as they please, which increasingly has included many of Netflix’s own, critically acclaimed, original series including Suits, House of Cards and Stranger Things. With so many series on demand, you can finally succumb to the Netflix binge and escape the winter cold.

Gear Club 

Described in one review as “one of the greatest car simulators for the mobile platform,” Gear Club’s realistic racing and driving experience is unlike any other. Fully simulated engines, powertrains, suspensions and aerodynamics mean this game is much more than a quick adrenaline rush. Rather it’s an authentic world made up of online friends, foes, championships and fast cars. Keep your reflexes sharp and adrenaline pumping from the comfort of your home, or wherever you find yourself this season.


For a mobile game with a nostalgic edge, consider Oceanhorn. Harking back to the Gameboy days of Zelda, Oceanhorn centres a journey across uncharted seas completing puzzles, unlocking secrets and avoiding dangers in order to discover ancient treasure, and unravel the enigmatic mysteries that enshroud ancient kingdom Arcadia and sea monster Oceanhorn. A combination of a compelling storyline, breathtaking 3D visuals and an action-packed gaming experience makes Oceanhorn a boredom-busting and fun-filled mobile adventure. Download this app while it’s special lauch sale still lasts.

Dungeon Hunter 5

Team up with millions of Bounty Hunters online and uncover the dark and chaotic underbelly that dominates the world of Dungeon Hunter 5 – the most intense hack-and-slash adventure yet. In a bid to restore peace, justice and prosperity, you and your fellow mercenaries must pick up a sword, along with 900 other pieces of armour and weaponry, and attempt to overturn cohorts of terror-inflicting bandits. Take on this challenge with friends, as Co-Op multiplayer mode enables you and 3 others to fight side by side as allies. Be entertained and become a hero with Dungeon Hunter 5 this winter.

Rivers Casino

3 - Must Have Apps For Winter

Rivers Casino’s fun and free casino app gives you an authentic gaming experience whatever the time and wherever you are. Don’t worry about venturing out into the cold, entering the Play4Fun Casino and you can enjoy favourites such as Invaders from the Planet Moolah!, Jungle Wild and Alice & Mad Tea Party. Become a Rush Rewards member and gain instant and unfiltered access to special offers and promotions, restaurant options and much more. It is important to remember when downloading the Rivers Casino application, no prizes or other items of monetary value can be awarded from playing and winning. Download the Rivers Casino app now and play free casino games all winter.

Vendetta Online (3D Space MMO)

Adopt the role of a spaceship pilot in Vendetta’s vast, graphically intense, online galaxy. Begin trading between space stations, build an intergalactic empire, fight other online players or join forces with friends to tackle the mysterious Hive that also calls Vendetta’s online universe its home. Vendetta Online is a free-to-download and free-to-play mobile game for Android users with an optional $1 (USD) subscription fee that enables unified and cross-device playing. Meaning you can participate in intense online battles on your smartphone or computer, so download now.

For Survival And Comfort:

Uber Eats

4 1024x682 - Must Have Apps For Winter

Has all that gaming made you hungry? Well, you won’t have to take one step into the sub-zero temperatures outside with Uber Eats. Downloading this app means you can get your favourite food from your favourite restaurants delivered to your front door in Uber speed. Simply select your foodie wishes, enter your address and receive an estimated delivery time and total price (including tax and Uber Eats booking fee). This is a much-loved app during the winter where users can get the michelin star experience from the comfort of your living room. With many Uber Eats across the US, be sure to check if your local town, city or state has one.


5 - Must Have Apps For Winter

As we are all aware, the winter time can wreak havoc on public transport systems. However,  listed on Time’s 10 Best Apps for People Who Commute, Transit is the best travel companion. According to the LA Times, “You won’t realize how much time you can save planning until you use this app,” which enables you to plan and navigate public transport with ease. Even telling you how long it will take to hail an Uber. All of this means you get to your destination, and out of the freezing weather, much quicker.

Survival Guide

6 - Must Have Apps For Winter

Surviving the winter just got easier with Survival Guide available on the App Store for iOS devices. This app provides you with crucial survival skills and techniques that one may use in dangerous situations like natural disasters, to save themselves and those around them. With 19 chapters teaching users how to survive providing them with the basic necessities such as: water, food, shelter, habitat, the need to think straight and signal for help and avoid unsafe or unpleasant interactions with plants and animals. You can become equipt to not only survive, but thrive.

It goes without saying that every and all apps downloaded, and in-app purchases, should be played and bought responsibly. Apple and Google Play’s App Stores are teaming with action-adventure, crossword-completing and foe-fighting excitement this winter. We have only scratched the surface with our top picks, so if you can think of any adrenaline-pumping apps we may have missed, share them in the comments section.

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