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Essential Bicycling Accessories for Summer

Image by skeeze from Pixabay

As the sun starts to show itself more often, then anyone with a bicycle starts to feel the urge to be out cycling and enjoying it.  To prepare for another good summer spent exploring on your bike, you need a few essential bicycling Accessories for both safety and comfort ranging from the right pair of jeans to even gel products for your shoes.  Here’s a look at a few cycling tips to help you organize your next ride.

Bike helmet

Without a doubt, the bike helmet is one of the most important pieces of safety equipment but sometimes they are a bit awkward and dull looking.  The Helmet with Style and Theft Proof: LTD Gold from Thousand Helmets has a winning combination of style and practicality that makes it well worth investing in.

First there’s the built-in security of the helmet – the PopLock system means the helmet can be locked to the bike and doesn’t need to be carried everywhere you go.  It has a one-hand operating fastened that’s punch-free and uses a microfiber that ensures you remain sweat-free.  The design is a clean and minimalist one that is perfect for the urban explorer.

The Right Jeans

Lee Jeans have been around but their team of product designers has come out with the latest pair of Extreme Motion jeans to consider if cycling with jeans is your style. The Lee Extreme Motion Jeans feel much smoother and stretch throughout the pants from its non-binding flex waistband and a seamless gusset that makes athletics like cycling even easier to manage.

Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

Biking backpack

The best way to carry essentials when biking is to wear a backpack – out of the way and keeping your hands free, it is the ideal style of bag for cycling trips or days out.  The new backpacks from Douchebags, a travel gear specialist, offer the ideal balance of features that make the bags practical for a summer biking trip or a commute to work.

There are two sizes – the Douchebags 15L Base and the 30L Hugger.  Both have their hookup system that means you can easily connect the bags and roll together while on the move.  The bags have a slender and curved body that follows your natural contours while the durable outer shell makes it tough when you are traveling.  The larger bag can even hold a laptop and both bags contain multiple pockets for all those essentials.

Bike security

When you leave your bike to go into work for the day or simply while you explore a location, you want to be certain it is still there when you come back.  The Ottolock from OTTO DesignWorks offers a lightweight and durable way to keep your bike safe.  It uses a multi-layer steel band that means it is more durable than a standard cable lock and lighter than a U-lock.

The lock is also designed to be tamper-proof as it is made with high-temper steel and reinforced with Kevlar while the coating of Santoprene durable plastic also means the surface remains unscarred.  The combination makes the lock resistant to common tools of theft such as wire or bolt cutters.

Bike shorts

For those who like to take their cycling up a level and enjoy racing, then the Giara Over Short offers a comfortable and aerodynamic short that is perfect for those longer, intense racing sessions.  While the design was aimed primarily at top-level racers, the benefits are suitable for anyone who spends time on a bike.

Be ready for summer with Essential Bicycling Accessories

These are a few high-quality accessories to help you make the most of your bicycling summer as well as staying safe while on the roads.  Then you can concentrate on having fun, seeing amazing sights and enjoying nature!

Featured Image by skeeze from Pixabay