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OEM vs. Aftermarket Trolling Motor Parts

OEM vs. Aftermarket Trolling Motor Parts
Image by James Wheeler from Pixabay

When your trolling motor needs repair, you have two options to choose from. You can choose from OEM (original equipment manufacturer) or aftermarket parts. If you are looking for authentic Minn Kota parts, you will want to purchase OEM items. Aftermarket parts are normally less expensive, but they are also not manufactured to the same standards as OEM parts. The type of parts you choose will depend on what you can afford and what type of quality you are looking for.

Quality vs. Price

The biggest decision you make when buying replacement parts for your Minn Kota trolling motor is choosing between higher quality OEM parts or more affordable aftermarket parts. Because they are manufactured by the original company OEM parts are the same quality as what was first put in the motor. They are usually more expensive because they carry the name-brand of the original product and are manufactured to those specific standards. Aftermarket parts are more affordable because they are manufactured by a secondary company that may not be required to adhere to the same standards as those of the original manufacturer.

Doing the Work Yourself

People who like to work on their own trolling motors choose their replacement parts carefully. OEM parts often come with a warranty and have a longer lifespan. Buying OEM parts for the motor itself is often the best plan. Aftermarket parts are easier to find and much more affordable. There are a few aftermarket parts that live up to the quality standards of the OEM, but they may not be exactly the same. Compare your options carefully before you choose the one you’re going to buy.

Always Have the Right Tools

Before you start working on your trolling motor, always make sure you have the right tools for the job. Some jobs may require a special type of tool or one specific to the manufacturer. Having everything you need close by will allow you to work as efficiently as possible. You won’t have to stop and look for anything or worry about misplacing something if you leave the project.

Follow the Instructions

One of the biggest differences between OEM and aftermarket parts is the instructions that come with them. OEM parts have the instructions that are provided by the original manufacturer. Aftermarket parts may not come with any instructions at all. Before you start to take your trolling motor apart, make sure you have instructions for how to put it back together. If they don’t come with the aftermarket parts, you should be able to find them online or order a copy from your local dealer.

Fishing is a hobby that is enjoyed by many. If you use a trolling motor during your fishing adventures, you may need to make a few repairs along the way. Taking a moment or two to learn the differences between OEM and aftermarket parts will help you make the best possible choice if you decide to make the repairs yourself.

Featured Image by James Wheeler from Pixabay