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How to Protect Your Feet with Gel Products

Protecting feet is something that we are all aware that we need to do but there is often the idea that a good pair of shoes will cover all the bases.  And while many styles of shoes have some built-in protection for the vulnerable parts of the foot, a new range of gel products are designed to deal with almost all the problems feet encounter, especially during high impact activities.  The range comes from Silipos and is called Active Gel.

Dealing with foot problems

Silipos are a leader in the creation of innovative new gel products and their latest range, Active, is designed specifically for people who encounter feet problems during high impact activities or want to ensure that they don’t start to suffer from them.  The range includes 16 different products that can help to prevent or deal with common issues including:

  • Corns
  • Calluses
  • Bunions
  • Blister
  • Ingrown toenails
  • Achilles Tendonitis
  • Bursitis
  • Sprains
  • General foot pain

Benefits of using gel products

The products are designed to stretch with the foot to absorb force, vibration, and pressure from activities to ease the condition or stop corns and blisters from forming.  They use a special proprietary formula medical grade mineral oil with far fewer impurities and toxic substances than many other gel products.  This means that the oil can diffuse against the skin to also help prevent calluses and dryness.

In addition, the Active range of products can be reused and even washed while still retaining their benefits.  The products are odorless, vegan and latex-free while being hypoallergenic and also having anti-microbial benefits to prevent the growth of foot bacteria.

Toe protectors

One of the pleasures of summer is to wear open footwear styles but these aren’t always the best at protecting vulnerable areas of the foot.  That’s why the Silipos Sandal Gel Toe Protectors were created – to protect the sensitive skin between the toes when wearing sandals and flip flops.

The small toe protector eases the friction and pressure normally found when wearing these styles and has a clear and slim design that doesn’t spoil your look.  They are easy to peel and stick to the bottom to ensure they stay in place and are washable and reusable.  They are also latex free and hypoallergenic to avoid unpleasant skin reactions.


The Silipos Softzone full-length insole range are the best way to protect the entire foot and comes in a selection of sizes to cater to men’s and women’s feet.  They use a softer, multi-density silicone that acts as a shock absorber for high-pressure areas and offers support to the rest of the foot.  They also have air vents along the length to allow air circulation.  The inserts give relief to heel, arch and forefoot issues and can easily fit into any shoe with removable insoles.

Protect your feet

These are just two examples from the Silipos range that show the benefits and flexibility of their gel products.  The Active range protects the feet in a variety of situations and is reusable and easy to clean for great value and durability.