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Food, Drinks and Dress: A brief guide on how to get the best from Belmont

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The best horse racing sites improved Epicharis’ odds and lookin’ at Lee dramatically when reports revealed Classic Empire is bowing out of the Belmont Stakes. The odds of having a good time, if you’re lucky enough to be attending the race, are also pretty good. You don’t need a sportsbook to tell you that.

Unlike the Kentucky Derby, which features American and international royalty wearing hats that cost more than your house, Belmont focuses on throwing a party to close out the Triple Crown.

Don’t misunderstand – all the Triple Crown races are good times. Don’t mistake Belmont’s relaxed atmosphere for an etiquette-free zone. Knowledge of traditions and trends in Belmont food, drinks, and dress ensures a salubrious social occasion for all.

Culinary Evolution At Belmont Park

The final jewel of the Triple Crown is a carnivore’s dream, boasting some of the most mouth-watering beef, pork, and seafood. You’ll run into internationally inspired meals, as well as the best locally-sourced ingredients.

Perhaps the most distinctive, traditional dish you’ll come across at Belmont Park will be the Belmont Beef Tenderloin. This specialty can be found throughout the grounds, carved for leisurely consumption. Regardless of your social motivations, starting the day off with good libations and superb beef sets a congenial tone.

Throughout the afternoon, you’ll have the option of munching on Belmont charcuterie, consisting of cold cuts, cheese, and meats from the Tri-State Area. For a more substantial snack, you may want to opt for the Belmont beef sirloin sandwich, which is substantial enough to double for a light lunch.

You also have the option of expanding your culinary experience like aspiring gentlemen through the enjoyment of a recent expansion that has brought new menus to Belmont Park. The New York Racing Association decided to diversify the image of the Belmont Stakes by attracting fans of high-end food and beverage. Expect seafood paella, fancy French desserts, risotto, mixologists, and sommeliers. By all means, enjoy the traditions, but don’t hesitate to sample some of the finer experiences available at the park.

Traditional Mixology At The Belmont

The traditional drink of the Belmont is a bit controversial because the White Carnation was a terrible concoction that included dairy – which should only be used in strong coffee and Big Lebowski gatherings.

Mercifully, this was retired for the Belmont Breeze, which was an overcomplicated sweet mix, but nonetheless an improvement. Currently, the Belmont Jewel is the drink tradition, made of bourbon, lemonade, pomegranate juice, and cherry garnish.

Since you’re at Belmont Park, you might as well have one, but you’ll probably want to move on to the incredible selection of beer, spirits, and wine available in New York. Remember to pace yourself for the full mile and a half, mixing alcohol with small meals and water for maximum enjoyment.

Own Your Sartorial Style

The Belmont Stakes happens to be much more chill than the Kentucky Derby, which requires a detailed style guide by comparison. Relaxed sartorial solutions tend to be the norm, consisting of nice jeans or casual slacks, a summer-color dress shirt, and a tailored jacket. Accessories were optional. Typically, this outfit maintains dignity without requiring too much work.

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As a triple crown race, you’ll also have the option of stepping your game up to the next level. There’s no need to fetch a top hat, but arriving in a light color suit, including a standout tie, will communicate a higher level of respect for one of the most prestigious races in the world.

We’re not telling you to leave your stars-and-stripes bow tie, flamingo jacket, or Secretariat pants at home because these items also fit into the party scene. Whatever you choose to wear at the Belmont Stakes, wear it well. Own your fashion choices, and don’t let the clothes wear you.

The point of the Belmont Stakes is to have a good time, which shouldn’t be dictated by your fashion decisions. And don’t forget that you can host parties at home that emulate actually being at Belmont. The only difference is you won’t be close enough to smell the horses’ foul breath.

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